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Quadruple your number of components for TMS WEB Core on Windows, macOS or Linux


Wednesday, September 29, 2021


One of the many reasons to develop TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code was that you could use this highly popular development environment directly on your favorite desktop Windows, macOS or Linux system. And this without any virtualization software!

With this mission accomplished, a next goal was to bring our wide portfolio of TMS WEB Core enabled FNC components to TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code on any of these platforms. 

The entire range of TMS FNC Components was already for some time available for Delphi developers on the Windows operating system. That means, when you have TMS WEB Core installed in the IDE and you install any of the TMS FNC Components using its installer, these components also become automatically available for use in TMS WEB Core web client applications or Miletus desktop applications

Now, with TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code running on a macOS or Linux machine, this was somewhat more problematic. Our FNC component installer is an executable designed for Windows that does not work out of the box for macOS or Linux. Enthusiast TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code users did the cumbersome extra effort to find a Windows machine, install it there and then manually move over the files and install in Visual Studio Code.

A new easy way to install FNC components

But from today, this inconvenience is all a thing of the past!

We're pleased to announced that the full portfolio of TMS FNC Products is now also available both for trial and registered versions as simple ZIP file distributions that can be used from any desktop operating system.

Simply unpack, pick from Visual Studio Code the folder where the ZIP file was extracted and pick the package to install it in the IDE. Done!

Our colleague and evangelist Holger Flick has it for you all explained and demonstrated in the video he created especially for this:

So, go ahead! Be spoiled with hundreds of extra components you can use in your web client applications or cross-platform Miletus desktop applications and all this directly from your favorite operating system!

What do you get today?

From today, you can easily install following FNC component as trial version or as registered version in TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code:

TMS FNC Blox : diagramming & flowcharts
TMS FNC Chartbusiness, statistical, financial & scientific data
TMS FNC Cloud Pack : seamless access to cloud services
TMS FNC Dashboard Pack : dashboard UI controls
TMS FNC Maps : the world of mapping services, directions, geolocation, ... in your hands
TMS FNC UI Pack : sophisticated UI controls including grid, planner, ribbon, treeview, navigation, ...

And it doesn't end there!

You have most likely seen the announcement of our new WX technology that encapsulates web technology for any type of Delphi application or TMS WEB Core application. Our upcoming TMS FNC WX Pack is also already enabled for easy install in TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code. 
And on top of this, in the future we want to make it even easier than this as we are researching right now to use the Microsoft Visual Studio Code Market Place for FNC component distribution. With this in-place, you'll have the ultimate experience, that is: an IDE that takes care itself of always keeping your components automatically up-to-date

Stay tuned!

There is a lot more in the pipeline and never-seen-before developments we will soon unveil.

Bruno Fierens


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