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2012 at TMS, a retrospective


Saturday, December 29, 2012

At the end of the year, it is always good to reflect on what the year has brought, to learn from it and to plan for the next year.

Product releases in 2012

In January, we released a new product, TMS WebGMaps, a set of components to add Google mapping capabilities in your Delphi applications.
That was not all, in January, we also released our new ORM for Delphi, TMS Aurelius. It was quickly a widely acclaimed, appreciated and quality ORM framework that we continued to give extensions and improvements throughout the year. And if you thought that was all for January, we also released TMS Metro Controls Pack. This is a set of controls that offer this flat new Microsoft Windows 8 look and feel to your Delphi applications. With respect to this Metro style, we also added Metro style support in the TMS Smooth Controls Pack.

In February, we released a new component for FireMonkey: TTMSFMXTableView, an iOS tableview inspired cross platform list control. Shortly after this, we also released TTMSFMXPopup, the iOS inspired popup window control. But there was more in February: we added Metro style support in the TMS ribbon and we released TMS Aurelius with a major new component TAureliusDataSet to make it easy to connect the ORM to existing DB-aware VCL controls. But without a doubt, the biggest release in February was TMS Flexcel v5. This long awaited and extremely comprehensive library now can natively handle XLS,XLSX,XLSM files on Win32,Win64 and Mac OSX.

In March, we were busy with more FireMonkey components, in particular TTMSFMXTileList. We also created TMS Grid Filters, the interface between TMS Flexcel and the TMS VCL grid components to offer seamless support for importing & exporting grid data from and to XLS and XLSX files. We were also happy to see TMS Aurelius seen choosen by Andreano Lanusse as project of the month.

In April, we launched a new product, TMS Pack for FireMonkey to give customers access to all our FireMonkey components with one bundle. We also released an update for our syntax highlighting VCL TAdvMemo with a list of new features that were added.

In May, TMS Flexcel for VCL/FireMonkey was released with the new APIMate tool that automatically shows the Delphi or C++ code needed to use to create the wanted effects in the XLS/XLSX file. We released TMS Aurelius 1.4 with the new capability to allow mapping of dynamic properties to database columns at runtime. A major update for our award-winning VCL Grid TAdvStringGrid was released with many new capabilities added. Meanwhile, our team continued development off several new FireMonkey components, with two new releases: TTMSFMXHotSpotImage and TTMSFMXSpeedButton.

In June, TMS DataModeler got an update with SQLite support added but also extended capabilities to integrate with TMS Aurelius. We launched in June also the TMS BI Pack, the bundle of TMS Aurelius, TMS Data Modeler, TMS Scripter, TMS Diagram Studio and TMS Query Studio, a bundle of tools to streamline and automate DB applications and DB application development. We also released a new product: TMS IntraWeb Cloud Pack: a set of components to allow seamless integration of cloud servvices such as Paypal, Twitter, Facebook, Windows Live with IntraWeb applications. There was more, TMS HTML5 Controls Pack got an update with XY scatter chart support added and TMS Aurelius was released with new support for Absolute databases and new capabilities for control over and customizing SQL expressions.

In July, after many months of hard work, we released a first version of our grid component for FireMonkey. All TMS Pack for FireMonkey users got now also this powerful and feature rich cross platform grid. We also worked on our website and added a feature voting system. All the time, we of course also continued to update our TMS Component Pack, getting all improvements and new components for VCL Win32 and Win64 development.

In August, we released TMS Cloud Pack v1.0. In this first version, we offered access to cloud storage services DropBox, SkyDrive and Google Drive from VCL applications. The TMS VCL Subscription was also extended with this new TMS Cloud Pack.

As Delphi & C++Builder XE3 was released in the beginning of September, we updated all our components with support for this new IDE and also released a new version of the TMS Pack for FireMonkey with support for the new Visual Livebindings in XE3. Another major release in September was TMS Scripter with new support to use the scripting engine from FireMonkey cross platform applications. Finally, a new VCL TAdvListEditor component was also released in September.

In October, a series of updates was released. TMS Component Pack with the new TAdvListEditor component, TMS Pack for FireMonkey with the new TTMSFMXCalendar and TTMSFMXCalendarPicker, TMS Smooth Controls with the new TAdvSmoothCalendarGroup. A major release was the update for TMS Flexcel and TMS Grid Filters with the new PDF export capability. This allows to generate high quality PDF files from Excel files or from data in TMS grid components. We also showed a very exclusive preview of Flexcel .NET code running on WinRT.

In November, there was yet another update for TMS Pack for FireMonkey, this time with native PDF export capabilities added for our FireMonkey cross platform grid. Also TMS Cloud Pack got a major update with new components for seamless access to cloud services Twitter, Facebook, Windows Live Calendars, Windows Live Contacts, Google Calendar, Wunderground weather service access and more. We showed a preview of the cloud components working on iOS as well.

And finally, in December, we released a major update for TMS WebGMaps with new support for showing directions, adding polygons, adding marker labels on the map, showing a directions list,... To conclude the year, TMS Component Pack 6.7 was released with 5 new VCL components and TMS T(DB)Planner got a free add-on TPlannerGCalendarExchange, TPlannerLiveCalendarExchange to import/export data from a Planner to cloud calendar services with the TMS Cloud Pack.

Events in 2012:

TMS software was also present on many events throughout 2012.

In March, Bruno Fierens gave presentations on TMS Components in Melbourne and Canberra at the ADUG Conference. In May, we were present at the Delphi Developer Day organised by Barnsten in the Netherlands and also in Frankfurt for the Delphi Developer Days organised by Marco Cantu & Cary Jensen. In June, Bruno Fierens gave a presentation on cross platform FireMonkey development on the cross platform conference in Moscow and also a session in Brussels on a Barnsten organised event. In September, TMS software was present at the CodeWay tour in Paris, France showing the latest developments for XE3. In October, Bruno Fierens received the Embarcadero MVP status and in November, TMS software was present at the Be-Delphi conference in Antwerp and Bruno Fierens gave a presentation about the FireMonkey grid.

I think we can conclude 2012 was a very busy year. We're already brainstorming on several things for 2013. We look forward to be at your service in 2013 and we look forward to hear about all your wishes, comments, feedback.

Bruno Fierens


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1. Saturday, December 29, 2012 at 5:46:14 PM

Best wishes for 2013 !

Defever Serge

2. Saturday, December 29, 2012 at 11:34:29 PM

Thank you very much for your great job in this year! Your components looks very fantastics! Happy New Year to TMS team and all users of your components! Best wishes from Russia.

Sergey Ivanov

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