Highly configurable syntax highlighting memo control with code-folding, autocompletion, bookmarks & source code container

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v10.5.7.1 (June 10, 2021)

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Feature Overview

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  • Includes TAdvMemo, TDBAdvMemo, TAdvCodeList
  • Lightweight memo control with configurable syntax highlighting
  • Highlighting for HTML, Javascript, Web, CSS, Basic, Pascal, SQL, C#, Perl, Python, INI, XML included
  • Codefolding support
  • Export to .PDF files
  • Undo and redo functions
  • Optional gutter with configurable line number display
  • Clipboard operations
  • Find and replace dialogs
  • Printing support
  • Save to formatted HTML support
  • DB-aware version included
  • Configurable parameter hinting
  • Configurable auto-completion
  • URL aware
  • Error marking
  • Styler available for emoticons
  • Compatible with TMS TAdvFormStyler / TAdvAppStyler
  • Code list component
  • Separate memo contents container for easy switching of code with single memo
  • Modified line indication
  • JSON syntax styler & formatter included
  • VCL Styles support

TMS VCL UI Pack extras

When used as part of the TMS VCL UI Pack, following additional components are available:
  • TMS Spell Check engine: performs spell check & auto-correct either while typing in the TAdvMemo.
  • TAdvMultiFileMemo: manages editing of multiple files simultaneously and presents these multiple files via a page control.
  • TAdvMemoEditToolBar, TAdvMemoEditingToolBar : preconfigured toolbars to use together with a TAdvDockPanel. The preconfigured toolbars can be used for file open/save handling, clipboard handling and find & replace. The toolbars use TAdvMemo actions.
  • TAdvMemoClipboardRibbonToolBar, TAdvMemoEditingRibbonToolBar, TAdvMemoFileRibbonToolBar : preconfigured toolbars for use on a ribbon (TAdvToolBarPager) with a toolbar for TAdvMemo file handling, TAdvMemo clipboard handling and TAdvMemo find & replace.

Sample applications

Demo folder Description
Demo1 Demo showing the various configuration possibilities of TAdvMemo.
Demo2 Demo showing the AutoCorrection functionality in TAdvMemo.
Demo3 Demo showing the auto completion functionality and the Drag&Drop between TAdvCodelist and TAdvMemo.
Demo4 Demo showing how to use regions for code-folding in TAdvMemo.
Demo5 Demo showing how to use the OnGetAutoCompletion event to integrate the auto completion with real object interfaces: properties, events, methods.
Demo6 Demo showing how to use TAdvEmoticonMemoStyler to show emoticons along in a text file.
Demo7 Demo showing how to use TAdvMemoSource together with TAdvMemo to create a multi file editor with a single TAdvMemo.
Demo8 Demo showing most common operations for TAdvMemo: selecting between 4 different syntax highlighting styles, undo/redo functions, find & replace, printing, HTML export, clipboard operations,...
Demo9 Demo showing how the Addict spell checker is called as words are typed in the TAdvMemo and automatic spell check / spell correction can happen while typing or when invoked.
Demo10 Demo showing how TMS SpellCheck is used as spell checker for TAdvMemo.
Demo11 Demo showing how to use the TAdvMultiFileMemo control



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  • Includes full source code
  • Free 1 year updates and new releases
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  • Free priority support through email and forum

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