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This is what TMS brought to Delphi developers in 2022


Thursday, December 29, 2022

TMS Software Delphi  Components

2022 has been a roller coaster! New products, great ideas, many achievements and a wonderful team!
This is what TMS brought to Delphi developers in 2022

    1) We've released 5 new products

    • TMS MemInsight: Delphi run-time memory allocation inspection, exception call stack logging, thread inspection and more
    • GraphQL for Delphi: Spec-compliant GraphQL library for Delphi
    • TMS FNC AppTools: Universal Delphi & C++ Builder components for VCL or FMX desktop application management
    • TMS FNC WebSocket : WebSocket server and client components for VCL, FMX and WEB applications
    • TMS Sphinx : Delphi framework for Identity Access Management, including authorization and authentication

    2) Numerous product updates, with most frequently updated products:

    3) 75 new videos published on YouTube

    120 K views in 1 year!
    Most popular videos of 2022:

    4) 11 new live webinars:

    With "TMS WEB Core: real-life apps + tips and tricks" being the most engaging!

    TMS Software Delphi  Components  
    All previous webinars can be watched on our TMSWebAcademy platform, created with TMS WEB Core.

    5) With 160 new blog articles, we have set a new personal record in 2022!

    Most read blog in 2022:

    1. Add custom controls to your map with TMS FNC Maps for Delphi
    2. TMS WEB Core v1.9.8.0 Sentina for Delphi is here

    6) Social media activity

    We only saw positive progress!
    • Twitter: 2198 : +164  (+8%)
    • Facebook : 2276 : +153 (+7.2%)
    • LinkedIn : 533 : +92 (+20.8%)
    • YouTube : 2639 : + 445 (+20.3%)
    • Instagram : 171 : +77 (+81.9%)
    TMS Software Delphi  Components

    7) 3 new Delphi releases: 11, 11.1 & 11.2

    We've added support for RAD Studio 11 to all products!

    8) Upcoming trends

    New trends in the coming year to look forward to:

    • Low-Code And No-Code Development
    • In Cloud Computing
    • AI Adoption Accelerates
    • Continued Expansion Of The IoT
    • Better user experience in Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) 


    Our todolists, goals & milestones for 2023 is already getting filled! 
    Follow our social media channels Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about what we deliver as it happens.

    Reach out via email or via the blog comments to share your ideas, expectations, suggestions for things to deliver. Your opinion and thoughts are invaluable to steer our developments in the right direction. Let's make 2023 YOUR year!

    Masiha Zemarai


    This blog post has received 4 comments.

    1. Friday, December 30, 2022 at 11:33:50 AM

    All my attentions are turned to TmS Web Core for the development of future projects.
    But, for porting desktop applications to the web, I need more powerful and professional "native" components. I''m talking about grids, lookups, and advanced components for quick editing (directly on the grid for example).
    So it would be really useful to implement powerful external libraries (tabulator, jqwidgets, etc.) as native visual components of Web Core, and above all, in the dataware "DB" versions with connection to datasets, in order to have a common logic on data management.
    FNC is very powerful, but it felt "unglued" with all the rest of the TMS Web core logic (including styles).
    Implementation of new native Web Core visual components that "collect" other JS libraries, all made dataset compatible, in my case would make it the ideal cross-platform development tool with its deployment capability (web, pwa, Miletus, etc...)

    Monterisi Stefano

    2. Friday, December 30, 2022 at 3:55:25 PM

    Thanks for your valuable feedback. More powerful databinding & databinding with controls is definitely on the radar.

    Bruno Fierens

    3. Saturday, December 31, 2022 at 7:57:59 AM

    I have also turned all my attentions to migrating all my projects and future development using TMS web core. I am very thankful for the awesome product that TMS has provided to enable this type of development. The support for the products is exceptional and above anything I have ever worked with before. I look forward to 2023 and the developments that TMS is planning and all the exciting things we will see from them in 2023. Thank you to the entire team for everything you all do to enable us to be better developers! Happy New Year!

    Green Lawrence N

    4. Saturday, December 31, 2022 at 9:53:52 AM

    Many thanks for your feedback Lawrence!
    Makes us hyper motivated to continue the hard work on making TMS WEB Core better in the coming new year as well!

    Bruno Fierens

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