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8 releases of TMS VCL UI Pack for Delphi so far in 2022


Thursday, May 12, 2022

TMS Software Delphi  Components
TMS VCL UI Pack is our flag-ship VCL product comprising over 600 VCL components to help you create more feature-rich VCL Windows applications faster. Today, we have released TMS VCL UI Pack v10.7.7.0 that is the 8th release so far in this year 2022. We actually lost count on the number of releases since the inception of TMS VCL UI Pack (formerly named TMS Component Pack in 1998).

With TMS VCL UI Pack we not only want to enable you to include very powerful features fast in your VCL applications, we also want to deliver fixes, improvements as well as your wishes for new features fast. After all, we are in a fast moving world and software developers want to roll-out updates to their customers also fast. All this inspired by the famous words of Mark Twain: "Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection".

So, today, we have released TMS VCL UI Pack, release number 8 this year.

This is a shortlist of new features & improvements that already went into TMS VCL UI Pack just in 2022:
  • New : VCL styles support added in TAdvMoneyEdit
  • New : Support to persist keyboards with unicode characters in TAdvTouchKeyboard
  • New : Support for use of TVirtualImageList for use in high-DPI scenarios for TDBAdvGlowNavigator
  • New : Support for drawing overlapped events added in TPlannerCalendar TPlannerCalendarGroup
  • New : Setting SelectionColor SelectionTextColor = clNone allows to always use specified custom color in TAdvDBLookupComboBox
  • New : CalculatorLook.BorderColor added in TAdvMoneyEdit
  • New : Binary identifier setting in syntax styler to highlight also binary formatted numbers in TAdvMemo
  • New : AutoShowCalculator property added in TAdvMoneyEdit
  • Improved : cblChrome close button appearance in high DPI in TAdvOfficeTabSet
  • Improved : LabelFont handling in connection with ParentFont in controls with attached label
  • Improved : Alignment preserve when entering new line in TAdvRichEditor
  • New : Visible property to show or hide the extra needles in TAdvSmoothGauge
  • New : VCL Style enabled cell checkbox drawing in TAdvStringGrid
  • New : OnItemClick and OnItemDblClick events in TAdvKanbanBoard
  • New : Added wpSftpList support in TWebCopy
  • New : Added support for use of TVirtualImageList in TPlannerMonthView
  • Improved : Error handling when invalid time was entered in TAdvTimePickerDropDown
  • Improved : Dropdown control sizing in Delphi 11 for high DPI in TAdvControlDropDown
  • Improved : Closed button look in high DPI scenarios in TAdvOfficeTabSet
  • Improved : ButtonWidth handling with high DPI in TAdvEditBtn
  • Improved : Added Key in TAdvSmoothListBoxItem.CopySettings()
  • New : Property FindText added to control whether the node is looked up or not in TAdvTreeComboBox
  • New : BeginUpdate/EndUpdate methods added in TAdvWordCloud
  • Improved : High DPI drawing of sys icons and per monitor DPI handling in TDirectoryListBoxEx TFileListBoxEx
  • Improved : Exposed Font and Align properties for TAdvGradientDirectionSelector
  • Improved : telephone type specifier adding in export in TvCard
  • Improved : Label font size initialization at design-time for high DPI in TAdvSpinEdit TAdvComboBox TAdvDropDown ...
  • Improved : Exception handling for opening unsupported files from TAdvRichEditorEditToolBar
  • New : TVirtualImageList support added in TInspectorBar
  • New : TAdvOfficePage.TextAlignmentTAdvOfficePage.TextVerticalAlignment added
  • Improved : THTMLStatusBar high DPI support for Delphi 11
  • Improved : Stop editing by setting Key = #0 in OnKeyPress() in TAdvStringGrid
  • Improved : RowHeight updating via Zoom() in high DPI / Delphi 11 in TAdvStringGrid
  • Improved : Popup toolbar behavior in high in TAdvRichEditor
  • Improved : Performance in TAdvRichEditor
  • Improved : MultiPanel mode with VCL styles in TInspectorBar
  • Improved : Lookup dropdown font high DPI handling in TAdvEdit
  • Improved : Behavior of TAdvListEditor on high DPI screens
  • New : Property URLUnderline added in TAdvStringGrid
  • New : Prefix added in TAdvSpinEdit
  • New : Padding added in TAdvEdit TAdvMaskEdit TAdvSpinEdit
  • New : Images in TAdvDBLookupComboBox use column''s alignment for rendering
  • New : ImageList images support in TAdvSmoothTabPager tab
  • New : HTML formatted text support in TAdvSmoothTabPager tab
  • New : Design-time preview for TAdvMultiInputQueryDialogEditor
  • New : Added Target parameter in AdvRichEditor.GetContentAsHTML
  • New : Added OnBeforeSortNodes and OnAfterSortNodes events in TAdvTreeView
  • New : Added HyperLinkTarget property in TAdvRichEditorHTMLIO
  • New : Added HotSpot.BeginUpdate/HotSpot.EndUpdate to do runtime hotspot picture updates
  • Improved : Vertical division of weeks in TPlannerCalendar TPlannerCalendarGroup
  • Improved : Drawing with large DayFont size in TPlannerCalendar TPlannerCalendarGroup
  • New : Slider.Indent property added to set more indent to allow longer tickmark text in TAdvTrackBar TAdvRangeSlider
  • New : GDIPImageTextButtonItem added properties ButtonImageMargin
  • New : Event OnCanDisjunctRowSelectDrag added in TAdvStringGrid
  • New : EdidType etInt64 added in TAdvEdit and descending classes with property Int64Value: int64
  • Improved : Using subdomain with CertCheck = ccDisabled in TWebUpdate
  • Improved : Use of TabMargin on tabs with and without image in TAdvPageControl
  • Improved : Handling of checkboxes in high DPI in TAdvListView
  • Improved : Automatic handling of date/time detection for sorting in TAdvStringGrid
  • New : Public method FindNext on TAdvMemoFindDialog
  • New : Public method FindNext ReplaceNext on TAdvMemoFindReplaceDialog
  • New : GDIPImageTextButtonItem added properties ButtonImageStretch and ButtonImageAspectRatio when using larger images
  • Improved : High DPI handling for TInspectorBar font & combobox property types
  • Improved : Default button size in TMoneyEdit
  • Improved : Button glyph center alignment in TAdvMoneyEdit TMoneyEdit
  • Improved : BorderColor updating during editing in TAdvSearchEdit
  • Improved : Automatic TAdvMemo pickup when creating TAdvMemoFindDialog TAdvMemoFindReplaceDialog 

TMS Software Delphi  Components

This is the result of the dialogue with you!

We love the daily dialogue with so many TMS VCL UI Pack users and learn all the time from your use cases to improve and extend our components.
Don't hesitate to use the different channels to reach us and we look forward to keep filling 2022 with many more exciting TMS VCL UI Pack releases!

Bruno Fierens


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