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FNC BETA with 2 new components


Monday, July 08, 2019


A new FNC BETA is release is available for all active and registered customers! It includes 2 new components and a lot of smaller improvements and fixes.

  • TTMSFNCPDFLib: Non-visual component for creating rich content PDF documents.
    • HTML formatted text support
    • Drawing primitives such as lines, rectangles, ellipses and custom paths
    • Support for horizontal and vertical linear gradients
    • Separate Fill and Stroke implementation
    • URL support
    • Unicode character support
    • Cross platform
    • Support for images drawing with optional stretching, aspect ratio
    • Text flow in multiple columns
    • Overflow detection and calculation
    • Numerous predefined page sizes
    • Optional page header and footer

  • TTMSFNCGraphicsPDFIO: Non-visual component based on TTMSFNCPDFLib to export UI controls such as TTMSFNCGrid, TTMSFNCPlanner, TTMSFNCChart as well as the complete dashboard controls set and many more.

There is an accompanying guide (PDF) that can help get your application set up with these 2 new components.

Where do I find the BETA?

The BETA for all FNC products (TMS FNC Core, TMS FNC Chart, TMS FNC Blox, TMS FNC Dashboard Pack, TMS FNC UI Pack, TMS FNC Cloud Pack) can be found under the "My Products" page for all active and registered users. Each product will have a separate BETA download link available. Make sure to uninstall all FNC related products and install the TMS FNC Core BETA first.

Pieter Scheldeman


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