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Embrace the latest features and components of the TMS FNC Components at Unchanged Prices


Thursday, February 22, 2024

We are thrilled to inform that while the introduction period of the new TMS FNC Gantt Chart applies, everyone can enjoy all the latest additions & extra features to TMS FNC Components at an unchanged price. This means you benefit from every new feature and component at no additional cost at all.

Here are some highlights of the TMS FNC Components:

  • TMS FNC Gantt Chart (new product): Purchase or renew your TMS FNC Component Studio license now and receive the TMS FNC Gantt Chart as a brand-new, complimentary inclusion. Enhance your project management capabilities with this powerful tool.
  • TMS FNC Maps: Our industry-leading mapping solution now boasts unique service-switching features, making it an indispensable tool for your projects.
  • TMS FNC UI Pack: Enjoy the addition of 5 new components to the UI Pack, providing even more versatility and options for your user interface development.
  • TMS FNC Dashboard Pack: Elevate your dashboard creation with 3 new components, enhancing the visualization and functionality of your applications.
  • TMS FNC Core: Leverage TMS FNC Core as the base SDK to effortlessly create your own cross-framework components, streamlining your development process.

Unique features:

  • SVG Support: Harness the power of Scalable Vector Graphics for flexible and high-quality visual elements.
  • REST Client & CURL Parser: Streamline your data interactions with robust REST client support and CURL parsing capabilities.
  • PDF Creator:Empower your applications with the ability to generate PDFs effortlessly, enhancing document management within your projects.

Upgrade Opportunities

If you currently own active standalone TMS FNC components and are considering an upgrade to the comprehensive TMS FNC Component Studio, our sales department is ready to assist you. Contact our sales team at for the best possible offer tailored to your needs.

Don't wait any longer and take advantage of all the benefits that come with our TMS FNC Components. Purchase your desired new license or license renewal for your favorite TMS FNC Component at unchanged prices that last till March 4, 2024! 

Aaron Decramer


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