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Cross platform grid with native .XLS/.XLSX/.PDF IO: TMS Grid for FireMonkey filters


Friday, January 11, 2013

Last summer we have released our powerful, feature-rich cross platform grid for FireMonkey. Shortly after we have also released a major update for TMS Flexcel. With TMS Flexcel v5.5 there is full native support for manipulating, creating, reading .XLS, .XLSX files as well as for generating .PDF files from cross platform FireMonkey applications.

Today we have released free bridge components between our grid for FireMonkey and TMS Flexcel to offer seamless export and import of .XLS, .XLSX files in our grid for FireMonkey and to generate .PDF files on Windows and Mac OS-X and soon also iOS from data in our grid. With these components, just dropping a few components on the form, interconnecting and 1 line of code allows you to load or create Excel files from our grid for FireMonkey or generate a PDF from the grid data.

Some of the features:
  • Fully native solution to import/export to .XLS, .XLSX without the need for Excel to be installed on Windows & Mac OS-X!
  • Fully native solution to export grids to .PDF, no extra tools or libraries required
  • Import/export wide range of cell properties: background color, alignment, font, wordwrap, ..
  • Import/export of cell images, multi cell images, checkboxes, hyperlinks
  • Import/export merged cells
  • Export of HTML formatted text in grid cells
  • Support for virtually unlimited nr. of columns & rows for import/export with new .XLSX file format

Note that the same solution is also available for our VCL grids, allowing you to generate .XLS/.XLSX/.PDF file seamlessly from TAdvStringGrid, TDBAdvGrid, TAdvColumnGrid or TAdvSpreadGrid with TMS Grid Filters.
Pictures say much more than words. Here are some screenshots from a sample app running on Windows and running on Mac OS-X and the .XLS file read and exported to .XLSX and .PDF

TMS Grid for FireMonkey running on Windows

XLSX file generated on Windows

PDF file generated on Windows

TMS Grid for FireMonkey running on Mac OS-X

XLSX file generated on Mac OS-X

PDF file generated on Mac OS-X

Bruno Fierens


This blog post has received 3 comments.

1. Wednesday, May 25, 2016 at 4:04:59 AM

You mention interconnecting the components and a single line of code. The documentation does not show how to do this, and as a new trial user who is considering purchasing, I am lost.


2. Wednesday, May 25, 2016 at 8:28:33 AM

You can find the online documentation here:

Basically, you use the TTMSFMXGridExcelExport class, connect the grid via TMSFMXGridExcelExport.Grid and call TMSFMXGridExcelExport.Export()

Bruno Fierens

3. Thursday, September 08, 2016 at 9:33:18 AM

this work for android and IOS?


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