TMS Image Controls Pack

A collection of graphic and image controls

Feature overview

  • Modern looking gauge control
  • Use text or pictures for minimum & maximum indication
  • Single needle for position indication or dual needle for range indication
  • Color, width, opacity control for needles
  • Gauge scale can have single color or 2 zones in different colors
  • Value can be displayed inside, above or below the needle

  • Use custom images for the up and down keys
  • Format the value text using standard Delphi Format arguments
  • Set the font to match your application style

  • Use one or more circles as a scale to indicate values or ranges
  • Configurable color per cicle
  • Displayed values can be formatted via Delphi's Format function specifiers
  • Indicator is configurable as value indicator or range indicator

  • Progressbar with level dependent color & stacked multicolor display
  • Configurable levels
  • Smooth & blocked display with gradients
  • Various ways to display progress as a number
  • Infinite 'running' progress style

  • SQL 2005 style progressbar
  • Customizable block, active block colors & interval speed
  • Real progress can be optionally indicated with Position, Min, Max properties and in color set by Appearance.ProgressSegmentColor

  • Small image component that can display PNG, GIF, JPEG, ICO, WMF, BMP images, including PNG images with alpha transparency.

  • Very small component, yet can display BMP,ICO,WMF,EMF,JPEG,GIF and animated GIF files in various styles
  • No other libraries required

  • Image with built-in automatic reflection display
  • Support for PNG, BMP, GIF, JPEG images
  • Configurable reflection effect
  • Office style hint support
  • Can save generated reflection in various formats to file

  • Nintendo Wii style progressbar
  • Customizable block, active block colors & interval speed

  • Hotspots can be rectangle, ellipsis, polygon or rotated rectangles, rotated ellipsis
  • Hotspot handling for hovering, hints, click, double clicks
  • Includes design time hotspot editor with magic wand tool for automatic polygon selections
  • Clipped or non-clipped hotspot hover-image or clicked-image
  • Each HotSpot has a Down, Selected, Blink property for displaying clipped or non clipped clicked image after click on hotspot
  • Supports image zoom
  • Support for single or multiselect
  • HotSpots can show in selectable color or overlay image when selected, down, or blinking
  • Each HotSpot can have its own link
  • Design-time and runtime usable hotspot editor
  • Capability to set the cursor for hotspots

  • A dropdown image selector. Selects items from an image list with possibility to display text with the image in dropdown. The dropdown list supports various styles, including flat, etched, with focus border. Supports normal and incremental lookup for associated text.

  • ReadOnly or can be edited with mouse and/or keyboard
  • Can show Current and/or Potential values
  • Easy export to .BMP file
  • Can be used as graphic (via SPBEPC.Picture property)
  • Fully customizable text for title, top and bottom caption

  • TPanel descendant component with transient between two colors, ideal as background for a form.

  • Component for displaying bitmap patterns tiled. Can be used to create tiled bitmap form backgrounds.

  • A graphic control which can display bitmaps, icons, metafiles, JPEG files and GIF files in various ways.
    Image can be positioned : topleft, topright, bottomleft, bottomright, centered, tiled or stretched.


What our customers say

Thank you Mr. Fierens for your time and assistance. Just want to say your VCL Pack is fabulous.

- Mark Mihevc

Thank you for this superb tool collection!

- Henning Swiboda

Thanks for the effort to create the VCL grid goodies ! These chunks of outcome-oriented teaching-material are very useful. It's unbelievable how powerful the grid is when one knows how to unveil it's countless options...

- Feichtenschlager Thomas

I don''t know how I could have created and managed so many projects without the AdvStringGrid! And although there is already so much functionality in it I''m using my own derived version with automatic column widths, enhanced export to Excel (including text colors, backround colors, comments, merged cells and more), the possibility to fill in static data at design time and more. This often allows me to build a new tool in hours instead of days! Support is also great! Thanks.

- Raß Jacqueline

Keep up the great work...Every new release of TMS Component Pack is like Xmas. Top quality components! :-)

- Aidan Thomson via email


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