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TMS WEB Core partner program launched


Thursday, June 25, 2020

We're thrilled to launch from today the TMS WEB Core partner program. The TMS WEB Core partner program is created to let everyone participate, benefit from additional TMS WEB Core components and to offer exposure to individual developers and companies to make other TMS WEB Core developers aware of the extra tools and components created for TMS WEB Core.


Visit the TMS WEB Core partner program page where we have for this launch already 5 offerings:
  • 40+ Smart HTML elements wrapper components
  • Screen capture component
  • Froala Editor wrapper component
  • Vaadin mobile friendly UI control wrapper components
  • Components for real-time video communication with Jitsi and OpenTok WebRTC services

Why a partner program?

The world of web development is vast and rapidly evolving. There is literally an abundance of interesting code available for web application development. From various exciting UI components to JavaScript libraries offering complex functionality such as AI libraries and so much more. As Delphi RAD developers we have come to expect that taking advantage of such functionality should only be a component away. And that is exactly the reason and purpose why we have created the TMS WEB Core partner program. It allows you to contribute to the TMS WEB Core ecosystem, be it with open-source component wrappers for web functionality, commercial components or any other tools that helps TMS WEB Core developer being more productive. Of course, our team also plans to regularly contribute components that will be open-source and expose specific functionality for use in TMS WEB Core web applications that we do not consider part of core framework functionality. To launch the program we already bundle several open-source components we developed for TMS WEB Core with today also an extra library of vaadin web component wrappers added especially for this launch. Extra advantage: when paying a little bit attention to how a component is designed, the same code will be usable not only from TMS WEB Core for Delphi but also from TMS WEB Core for Lazarus or soon TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code.

Getting started

Get ready and learn all about custom component development for TMS WEB Core. A great starting resource to explore how to do this are these interesting blog articles: and also

When you created your first components, follow the 3 steps to be included in the TMS WEB Core partner program:


Expose your work and knowledge about Delphi and TMS WEB Core component development to others via the TMS WEB Core partner program. If you decide to make your work commercially available, we'll be happy to publish it on the partner page as well. Recognized contributors to the TMS WEB Core partner program get a free TMS WEB Core license.

Start developing today

Download the latest TMS WEB Core for Delphi and Lazarus v1.4.2 release and get started. The trial version is not time-limited, so you can take your time to explore the wonderful world of web development. Get in touch with the team in case you look for technical help and advice. We are eager to see what fantastic web functionality you will integrate in TMS WEB Core!

Bruno Fierens


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