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TMS Training Days 2019: Introduction speaker 8


Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Adrian Gallero

Adrian Gallero is an Electrical Engineer who has been working in Delphi since it was Turbo pascal 4. He has worked in calculating power line distribution for electrical companies in Montevideo and Rio de Janeiro. He lived for over 3 years in Madrid working the development of a telecommunication management system, and over a year in Sydney developing custom solutions for a freight-forwarding company.

He has been working with spreadsheets for longer than he can remember, and in 1996 he developed a small component that allowed his Delphi 1 apps to export the results to a spreadsheet (to his surprise, he learned a year ago that the electrical company is still using those unmodified apps today). This component grew over the years: It was renamed FlexCel in 2001 and it joined the TMS family in 2002. Today FlexCel exists in both Delphi and .NET versions, and they contain over a million lines of code.

Session at TMS Dev Intensive:

Using FlexCel 7 to export data

Adrian will show how to create a Delphi app that exports data to Excel and Pdf files, using some of the newest stuff introduced in FlexCel 7. If time allows, he will also have a glimpse at the future and look at the stuff currently in development.

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