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TMS certified consulting partner: C-QUEL


Wednesday, September 25, 2019

As announced in May 2019, we've started our network of TMS certified consulting partners to make development easier for you. These are partner companies we know, have a long term relationship with and that we know have deep and expert level knowledge in Delphi and our TMS software component products.

We want to introduce our partners to you, who they are and what they can possibly do for you! Our first partner is C-QUEL

Company history:

It all started in 1984 where Filip learned to code in Turbo Pascal, and with the birth of C-Quel 30 years later in 2014.

C-Quel is located in the northern region of Belgium, near the Dutch and German border. A small team of high skilled Delphi (and Pascal) addicts convert every idea into a great digital tool. Uniqueness of C-Quel is that we understand the “art” of listening. We don’t live by the clock, we don’t have business hours but live by the credo “Solution Driven Software”.

Technologies used:

  • Tools: Delphi – Free Pascal – Angular – FireMonkey – Swift
  • Platforms: Windows – Linux – macOS (and of course all mobile platforms)
  • Databases: Firebird – PostgreSQL – MS SQL Server – Pervasive DBMS – SQLite
  • Components: TMS VCL Components – TMS FNC Components – TMS WEB Core – TMS Aurelius
  • Lots of custom development: e.g. Belgoprocess (nuclear waste management) – General Lease (biggest Belgian lease company)

TMS Partnership:

Partnering with TMS was rather obvious because C-Quel and TMS Software are complementary. TMS builds the tools, C-Quel builds the solution. Not only Delphi development is important, but also the Delphi developer. That’s why Bruno & Filip started Be-Delphi… and as we all know: Be-Delphi is the place to be for all of your Delphi development – questions – tips & tricks – examples – tools – etc.

Did you know…

…that 66% of the Belgian Embarcadero MVP’s consists of TMS and C-Quel team members?


If you have a Delphi problem… if no one else can help… you can find us… maybe you can hire… C-Quel

We plan for extending our network of consulting partners in the coming months and years. If your organisation is interested in becoming such partner, feel free to reach out & discuss.
Visit the partners landing page for more information and details!

Masiha Zemarai


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