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TMS FNC UI Pack v2.3 is here and brings 5 new UI controls


Sunday, September 16, 2018

We continue on our mission to make TMS FNC UI controls not only the UI control set that you can put to work everywhere as Delphi/Pascal developer but also the most comprehensive UI control set for your toolkit.
For those not yet familiar with 'FNC' controls, these are what we call Framework Neutral Components. This means that these UI controls can be simultaneously used with different frameworks, are fully cross platform, can be used from Delphi, C++Builder and Lazarus and most spectacularly can be used to create web applications with TMS WEB Core. Read more about FNC for the web here.

TMS FNC Controls can be simultaneously used on these frameworks:

TMS FNC Controls can be simultaneously used on these operating systems/browsers:

TMS FNC Controls can be simultaneously used on these IDE's:

What's new in TMS FNC UI Pack v2.3:

TMS FNC Object Inspector

This is a versatile Object Inspector control. The control fully utilizes RTTI to provide a properties view of all properties of an associated component. Property filtering is possible to show only a select number of properties of a control. Moreover, when connected to a dataset, it will allow immediate viewing and editing of all fields in the associated dataset.

  • Automatic retrieval of published properties of an object
  • Various inplace editors such as a combobox for enum values, or checkgroup dropdown picker for set properties.
  • Events for customization, filtering of properties and property values
  • Can handle class properties, collection properties, set properties ...
  • Datasource support for direct data editing


Supercharge your message boxes with the TTMSFNCTaskDialog that is modeled after the task dialog that was introduced in newer Windows operating system versions. The task dialog message can contain HTML formatted text, optional text, radio group based options and much more...

  • HTML formatted texts for content, expandable text and footer
  • Optional radio buttons, progress bar, verify checkbox, input field, and custom input
  • Custom buttons with the option to turn them into command links
  • Auto close after timeout


  • Various panel styles including HTML formatted text, images, progress bar and more
  • Optional auto size, button and hint per panel
  • Multiple progress bar levelst


Allow the end user to draw a signature on touch screens and the component can capture this signature either as image file or as scaleable vector data.

  • Save signature to a file, memory stream or an image
  • Load signature from a file or memory stream
  • Customizable pen, clear icon and text


End user selection of the full RGB color range is possible with the new TTMSFNCColorWheel.

  • Separate R, G, B and HEX values
  • Used in TTMSFNCColorPicker/TTMSFNCColorSelector as a mode

All users with an active registration for TMS FNC UI Pack can now obtain the new update free and get started to build fantastic applications for Windows, Web, mobile, Linux or macOS.
A fully functional trial version of TMS FNC UI Pack is available and even in combination with a TMS WEB Core trial, it can be used to explore the fascinating new & never seen before capabilities to use these UI controls also in web applications.
Or you can even explore the components directly via your browser by checking the TMS WEB Core demos that have several FNC control demos.

We hope you're as passionate about FNC UI controls as our team is and we're eager to learn what more UI controls you would like to see coming in future updates or what features or improvements you would like to see added to the existing controls! Be in touch, talk with our engineers and let's keep the interesting technical conversations going!

Bruno Fierens


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