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Building Android/iOS Native App from TMS Web Core/TMS XData application using PhoneGap


Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Since TMS Web Core generates pure stand-alone HTML/JS/CSS applications, and because that applications can be fully responsive, I have decided to do a quick experiment on how to convert the TMS Web Core application to a native mobile application using PhoneGap tool, more specifically PhoneGap Build.

My intention was to turn the XData Music demo ( into a mobile application.

I have never used PhoneGap before. It's a software development framework from Adobe used to develop mobile applications using web-development technologies like HTML, CSS and JS. PhoneGap Build is a cloud service that goes further and do all the job of creating such application for you, instead of requiring you to install PhoneGap in your computer and configure it.

So what I did was signing up to PhoneGap Build - I could just login with my Google account, and clicked "New App". I then got the following screen:

What I did then was just zip the folder with html/js/css files from XData Music demo and upload it to PhoneGap using the "upload a .zip file" button. And that's it. Well, not exactly that. Since I tried it on iOS besides Android, I still had to deal with provisioning and certificate stuff, sending it to PhoneGap so it could generate the iOS app according to Apple guidelines. But after that, it provided me with links to download my mobile application for iOS, Android and - mind you - Windows Phone.

The whole process took literally 30 minutes. Most of it was just dealing with the Apple provisioning and certificate stuff. Here is a video of the mobile application running on my iPhone.

Wagner R. Landgraf


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1. Wednesday, October 31, 2018 at 9:24:35 PM

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