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TMS rollout of components with RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin support started


Friday, April 22, 2016

This is a short notice for our customers who are eager to get started with RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin: we've started rolling out our bi-yearly wave of product updates with official built-in support for this new release. Starting from today, following product updates now have built-in support for RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin:

TMS Component Pack: Our suite of 400 feature-packed, sophisticated user interface controls, including advanced grids, ribbon, syntax highlighting memo, rich text editor, visual scheduling/planning control and much more... TMS Component Pack exists and helps software developers all over the world for almost 20 years now and has grown into a stable, vast, powerful, intuitive to use set of user interface controls you cannot miss.

TMS Pack for FireMonkey: Our suite of FMX controls for full cross-platform development targeting Windows, Mac OS-X, iOS, Android. TMS Pack for FireMonkey is a set of powerful controls that help you building advanced desktop or mobile applications including grid, planner, navigational controls, instrumentation controls, rich text editor and much more... Simply the most comprehensive bundle of cross-platform UI controls.

TMS FNC UI Pack: This is our brand new set of framework neutral UI controls allowing you to build single source code business logic based applications for VCL, FMX and LCL frameworks. Whether you'll write traditional Windows desktop VCL applications, cross-platform desktop or mobile applications with the FMX framework or use the free Lazarus IDE and FPC compiler to build Windows, Linux, Raspbian, ... applications, ... there is only one learning curve and only one source code base needed to use these framework neutral controls. With TMS FNC UI Pack, you're in full control, irrespective of the IDE or framework you use.

Our team is working hard to continue to add RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin support to our other wide range of component products. You can track here the progress of our work to cover other products.

Nancy Lescouhier


This blog post has received 2 comments.

1. Thursday, May 19, 2016 at 8:00:57 AM

1. In a recent blogpost (, Marco Cantu talked about Microsoft and License issues regarding the ribbon UI. How has TMS dealt with this?

2. Could you please do a video showcasing the Office 2016 look that you have added to your controls.


Wilfred Oluoch

2. Thursday, May 19, 2016 at 7:28:39 PM

1) for all users who had started using the ribbon before the confusion started and who have signed the Microsoft licensing document, there is no issue. They can keep using the ribbon and we keep supporting and developing this ribbon.

2) for new users, our interpretation (and that of several other major .NET component companies offering a ribbon) is that there is no longer a license required.

Bruno Fierens

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