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Feature request voting system on TMS website ... 9 months later


Friday, March 29, 2013

Since July 2012, the website offers feature request voting capabilities for registered TMS customers. New request can be added, requests can be filtered and you can vote on requests from other customers.Now 9 months later, we’ve made an evaluation of our feature request voting system. The results:

115 requests
We’ve received 115 requests from our customers.
Components can be used in many different ways, so you are in the best position to determine which capabilities a control must have to be 100% functional in your application. Please keep on adding new requests, and help us to further extend our range of components offerings and enhance the feature set and quality of our components. All your suggestions are welcome to further improve our existing components. And of course suggestions for new components are also welcome.

Your opinion is highly appreciated and will be taken in account!

28 implemented requests
And now the good news, 28 requests have been implemented.
Several new capabilities and features were added to existing components but most importantly we've added 3 completely new components!

YOUR requests resulted in following new components:
  • A new syntax highlighting memo control for FireMonkey: TTMSFMXMemo
  • A new VCL mapping component to integrate, display & control OpenStreetMaps in VCL Windows applications : TMS WebOSMaps
  • A new OpenGL 3D multi-serie chart component: TMS TAdvChartView3D

Overview new capabilities and features in existing components:
654 votes on requests
Not only new requests were added to our list, but you also voted on existing requests. This helps us to set the right priorities and goals.

If you want to have a look at the list with requests or you want to add a new request, the overview page can be found here:
We at TMS are always trying to improve our products and bring them to a new level. We plan to add several new features in upcoming releases, our team is already busy with implementing your requests!

Nancy Lescouhier


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