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TMS TAdvStringGrid v4.6 released


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We're pleased to inform a new version of the productivity feature packed grid TAdvStringGrid is available now at TAdvStringGrid has a wide range of built-in capabilities and features such as clipboard support, printing, export and import to various file formats including native XLS file import/export, support for various inplace editors, different graphic types in cells, cell merging, sorting, filtering, grouping, HTML formatted text support, rich text support, progressbars in cells and much much more... TAdvStringGrid comes with over 70 documented sample applications and an over 150 pages developers guide.


What's new & improved in v4.6:
  • New : TAdvGridImportDialog.Delimiter / TAdvGridImportDialog.CustomDelimiter properties added
  • New : Pressing Ctrl-Return on searchfooter will perform a backward search
  • New : OnFileProgress triggered during SaveToXML()
  • New : Support for export of multi image cells to HTML
  • New : edValidChars inplace editor type
  • New : AutoFitColumns can be called with new parameter DoFixedCells
  • New : Function SwapCells() added
  • New : Lookup functionality added for edEditBtn editor type
  • New : FilterDropDownRow property added to control on what fixed row filter dropdown appears
  • New : SearchFooter.SearchDirection property added to control direction of search from searchfooter
  • New : Public property grid.PrintSettings.BorderColor added
  • Improved : Export to HTML with special characters
  • Improved : Single row to multirow / single col to multicolumn smart clipboard handling
  • Improved : Small improvement wrt MouseActions.RangeSelectAndEdit = true option
  • Improved : Drawing of cell pictures when BidiMode is RightToLeft

Active registered users can obtain the update free after login on our website. This new version of TAdvStringGrid will also be included in the next scheduled update of TMS Component Pack
Fully functional trial versions for Delphi 5,6,7,2005,2006,2007,2009 & C++Builder 5,6,2006,2007,2009 are available at

Bruno Fierens


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