CrossTalk: noise free VCL to .NET communication


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Imagine writing a regular Delphi Win32 VCL based application where you have the need to use a .NET class. You run a small tool and a second later a Delphi unit is available with one or more VCL classes, ready to be added to your uses clause. Create an instance of the Delphi class and use its methods & properties and behind the scenes CrossTalk is doing all the work for you to use the actual .NET class. All this *without* any COM or the COM registration that typically came with it, thus making the deployment as simple as deploying 3 DLL's along your EXE. That's exactly the magic that is cooking in the lab's of Atozed software. Tonight I had the opportunity to sit with Chad Hower, chief architect of CrossTalk and see it at work. Want to use the XML parsing capabilities of .NET ? No problem, import .NET System.XML and a VCL class XmlReader is ready for you. Or you'd want to use the .NET's encryption, import System.Security.Cryptography and use an encryption class. Want to consume a WCF service from Delphi ? Equally easy with CrossTalk. With the current version in development, it's possible to import a .NET dataset and loop through the data. A next step could be to generate a VCL TDataSet compatible wrapper for it, allowing you to bind this .NET dataset via a datasource to a TDBGrid.
CrossTalk is one of several great & exciting things getting ready for Delphi. Watch the blog closely for all latest news about this new technology.

Bruno Fierens


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