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TMS TAdvStringGrid v4.5 released


Monday, April 20, 2009

We're pleased to inform a new version of the productivity feature packed TMS TAdvStringGrid is available now. In version v4.5, we've added a number of interesting new features & capabilities, we've done improvements to existing functionality and speed and we've significantly extended the documentation with an updated PDF developers guide, extended online help and 4 new documented sample applications.

What's new & improved in v4.5:

  • New : 4 new sample applications demonstrating new features
  • New : Method RemoveSelectedCols, RemoveUnSelectedRows added
  • New : Easy way to persist & restore indexed sort settings
  • New : Scrollbars per cell
  • New : Added support for SUMMARY attribute for HTML export
  • New : ShowSeconds property added for TAdvStringGrid.SpinEdit
  • New : Navigation.AdvanceAutoEdit property added
  • New : Navigation.ClipboardPasteAction property added
  • New : Filtering on date+time
  • New : Invalid entry icons
  • New : AddBalloon, RemoveBalloon methods added
  • New : Filter dropdown in column header
  • New : Incremental filtering & narrow down capability
  • New : Filtering on full row
  • New : Windows 7 & Office 2007 selection styles
  • New : Windows Vista / Windows 7 Explorer row selection style
  • New : OnGetCellGradient event added
  • New : Overriding fixed cell colors simplified
  • New : Replace function added
  • New : ColumnSize.SynchNormalCellsOnly property added
  • New : Quick config design time helper
  • New : HTMLSettings.ExportImages property added
  • Improved : Extended PDF developers guide & help files
  • Improved : Custom inplace editor usage
  • Improved : Inplace date editor starts with first char entered
  • Improved : Mouse handling when PreciseCheckBoxCheck = true
  • Improved : Position of text during edit versus display
  • Improved : Export to HTML
  • Improved : Handling of cell validation
  • Improved : Faster handling of row hiding / node expand&collaps
  • Improved : Button painting in SearchFooter
  • Improved : Shortcut handling in search footer
  • Improved : Automatic sort type detection
  • Improved : Various smaller code improvements & fixes

A PDF document highlighting the new features & capabilities can be downloaded here.
For active registered users of TAdvStringGrid, the latest version can be obtained free after login on our website. Users with an expired registration are entitled to a special discount to upgrade to a full new version cycle of free updates & free support. Fully functional trial versions are available for Delphi 5,6,7,2005,2006,2007,2009 & C++Builder 5,6,2006,2007,2009 at

Bruno Fierens


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