TMS Data Modeler Library

Library for accessing TMS Data Modeler projects from Delphi & C++Builder

Feature overview

TMS Data Modeler Library (DMLib) is a collection of classes that allows you to read the whole structure of a database (tables, fields, procedures, indexes, etc.) from a TMS Data Modeler (*) project file, using a Delphi / C++ Builder application. After modeling your database with TMS Data Modeler, you can use TMS Data Modeler Library classes to have the database structure information available in your Delphi application.

Using this classes you can make it easier to build your database-based applications. An example of how you can develop a database-application using TMS Data Modeler Library:

  1. Model/design your database using TMS Data Modeler (*). A project file with the model will be generated.
  2. Create/update your database structure from TMS Data Modeler.
  3. Use TMS Data Modeler Library to read the database model information from the project file saved by the Data Modeler.
  4. With step (3) above, you will be able to know which tables, fields and other database objects are available in your database.
  5. By deploying the project file with your application, you will always know the database objects available.
  6. Whenever you need to update/change your database structure, use TMS Data Modeler to udpate your model and generate SQL statements to update your database.
  7. Update your project file in your client application and you will have the most up-to-date information about your database structure, without needing to update/recompile your application.

This way you will have a centralized and unique place with all information about your database structure. From modeling, to generating, to your application, a single file holds all the information and you don't need to perform duplicated tasks like updating your application source code with the new fields and tables added in the last version.

By knowing the database structure at runtime, specially tables, fields, and field data types, you can easily perform some tasks in your application like for example:
  • Provide report/query tools which lists the available tables and fields in database.
  • Generate dynamic forms to edit records in database based on the tables and fields available.
  • Create applications that automatically generate forms, web pages, source code, all based in the current database information.
  • Other tasks that need information about database structure.
(*) TMS Data Modeler is a database modeling/design software tool. You can design ER diagrams with it, generate DDL SQL Scripts, compare databases, archive/compare versions, among other tasks. More information can be found here.