TMS Analytics & Physics Pack

Delphi library that provides an easy way to evaluate mathematical expressions, calculate symbolic derivatives & integration, solving non linear equations, approximation function calculation and more...


v2.4.0.0 (May 18, 2018)

Version history

Version History



  • New : ‘if’ function with mixed scalar and array/matrix arguments.
  • New : Working with progressions: arithmetic, geometric and harmonic.
  • New : Working with probability distributions: generating probability distribution function (PDF) values on the interval, cumulative distribution function (CDF) values, quantile and random values. Realized distributions: Gauss (normal), Laplace, Cauchy, Gumbel, logistic and exponential.
  • New : Sample data processing: sorting, reversing, getting range of values, getting sample items by indexes, getting different samples and their frequencies in data set.
  • New : Outer product function for two vectors.
  • New : Generating sequences of special numbers: Fibonacci, prime and composite numbers, natural and integer numbers, odd and even numbers, squares, cubes and factorials.
  • New : Evaluation of Error and Gamma functions.
  • New : Delta operator ‘?’ evaluates finite differences for array/matrix data.
  • New : Cumulative sum and product functions for array/matrix data.
  • New : Creating histograms of data samples.
  • New : Calculate base statistical characteristics for discrete sample values: mean (arithmetic, geometric, harmonic, quadratic), median, mode, variance, deviation, covariance.


  • New : VCL editors for input units of measurement, physical values and math formula with automatic syntax check
  • New : Mathphysics extension for working with physical values (scalar, vector tensor).
  • New : Analytics: Real arrays/matrices: by-element comparison operations with Boolean array/matrix result
  • New : Analytics: Improvements for symbolic expressions simplification
  • New : Analytics: Complex arrays/matrices: algebraic operations, operations with real arrays/matrices, by-element functions (trigonometric, hyperbolic, logarithmic and others)
  • New : Analytics: By-element ‘if’ function for real/complex arrays/matrices
  • New : Analytics: Boolean arrays/matrices: by-element logical operations


  • New : Vector ordinary differential equation systems supported
  • New : Special operators, like sum '∑', product 'Π' and other, support array and matrix operands
  • New : Gauss-Newton method allows solving systems for multiparametric nonlinear least squares approximation problems with multidimensional data
  • New : Fehlberg method (Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg 4-5) for solving Ordinary Differential Equation systems. The Fehlberg solver uses automatically selected time step for providing the solution with the specified precision
  • New : Elementary functions ‘sin’, ‘cos’, and so on, and base special functions ‘abs’, ‘frac’ and other can be called with array and matrix arguments to make the evaluation for all the components
  • New : Analytics Linear Algebra extension now totally supports operations with N-component arrays and MxN matrixes


  • New : ODE tool: solving initial value problems for the systems of ordinary differential equations
  • New : Numerical integration: calculating definite integral values for one- and two- dimensional functions
  • New : Nonlinear tool: solving systems of nonlinear equations
  • New : Function analysis tool: finding roots and extremums for univariate functions
  • New : Approximation tool: least squares approximation of multidimensional data with arbitrary, user defined basis functions


  • New : Special extension: allows calculation of special functions (Bessel, Legendre) and their derivatives
  • New : New math operators added, including comparison (>, <, etc.), logical (not, and, or), special (square root, absolute, etc.)
  • New : Fractions extension: allows using common fractions in math expressions, including making operations like 1/2+1/3 = 5/6, converting floating values to common fractions and vice versa
  • New : Conditional ‘if’ function (supporting real, complex and fractions), including derivative evaluation


  • New : Functional derivatives
  • New : Expression simplifications (now d(x^3)/dx = 3*x^2, not 3*x^(3-1))
  • Improved : Documentation: restructured, errors fixed, some additions written
  • Fixed : Some small errors fixed

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