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Custom Planner Editor in TMS FNC UI Pack 4.1


Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Again, we are back with another update: TMS FNC UI Pack 4.1!

FNC planner editor

A major new requested feature was the ability to integrate a custom editor for editing items. In 4.1, we introduced a way to provide your own dialog, based on a TForm. More info about this can be found here:

TMS Software Delphi  Components

We start by adding a new form to our project (TForm2, Unit2), we completely design our form and inherit it from a custom class available in the main Planner unit (*.TMSFNCPlanner.pas)

TForm2 = class(TTMSFNCPlannerCustomItemEditorForm)
The class has an abstract method Initialize, that can be used to preset the controls based on the item settings.

procedure TForm2.Initialize;
  TMSFNCDateTimePicker1.SelectedDateTime := PlannerStartTime;
  TMSFNCDateTimePicker2.SelectedDateTime := PlannerEndTime;
  CheckBox1.IsChecked := PlannerFullDay;
  Memo1.Text := PlannerText;
When the changes are done, you can either accept them, or cancel them. On our custom designed form, there are 2 buttons, OK & Cancel with the following code:

procedure TForm2.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  Planner.StopEditing; //stop editing and accept changes

procedure TForm2.Button2Click(Sender: TObject);
  Planner.CancelEditing; //stop editing and cancel changes

The complete sample demonstrating the custom item editor can be found here:

Mobile experience

TMS WEB Core brings the ability to create modern web applications which run in your favorite browser. This also means that the web application will run on mobile browsers. FNC has now been adapted to provide a better mobile experience in terms of touch scrolling & interaction on the most popular components. We plan to continously improve this and extend the experience to other, smaller components as well in the near future.

Looking back

TMS FNC UI Pack 4.1 is the continuation of TMS FNC UI Pack 4.0, which brought a lot of new and exciting stuff.

  • New look & feel
  • Global appearance
  • Online documentation
  • Planner full day items
  • JSON viewer

Want to know more, please read this blog post or take a look at this video below.

Other updates and fixes

TMS FNC UI Pack 4.1 doesn't only bring major new features, it continues to improve existing features and core stability behind the scenes. The full list of new features for the TMS FNC UI Pack, can be found in the release notes. Also, our team is currently working hard on other major new features in other FNC products as well, so stay tuned for more to come!

Pieter Scheldeman


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