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New TMS WEB Core v2.0 browser API support


Wednesday, July 13, 2022

TMS Software Delphi  Components

It's not a secret that the browser API supports ever more machine hardware related features, making it slowly but surely a cross-platform operating system on its own. 

As it is also always a goal of TMS WEB Core to make it Object Pascal developers ultra easy to take advantage of everything the browser offers, we added in TMS WEB Core v2.0 classes and a new component to take advantage of 2 new interesting browser APIs. The multi-screen API and the speech recognition API.

Multi-screen API

The multi-screen API allows the developer to detect from a web application, how many screens are connected to a device, retrieve the characteristics of the screens and control the placement of browser windows on these multiple screens connected to the machine.
You can find the w3 spec for the multi-screen API here and a more informative article about its use

As we added Object Pascal classes to retrieve information from and manage these multi-screen configurations, we also created a demo that you can find in the TMS WEB Core demos folder under Demo\Basics\Multiscreen and wrote a blog article about it.

Now today, our chief evangelist Dr. Holger Flick also discusses it in his new video.

Speech recognition API

Create voice command driven web applications or write a dictaphone application that now automatically captures your spoken information as text, ... it now all belongs to commonly available functionality when you use web technology. The browser speech recognition API is now available in Chrome, Edge and Safari. In TMS WEB Core v2.0, this is exposed as a non-visual component with events triggered returning spoken words as text or with a command collection the component can listen to and trigger events when the commands are spoken.

In this video, Holger also explains the speech recognition API and the demo in more detail so you can get started using it in your applications easily. 


TMS Software Delphi  Components

Note that these new web technologies are also available when you create a Miletus based native cross platform application with TMS WEB Core. Miletus applications are web technology based applications that run as native cross platform applications for Windows, macOS and Linux and also have direct access to even more operating system resources such as the file system, local databases, operating system dialogs and more. Learn more about the amazing Miletus technology in this blog article with video.

Bruno Fierens


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