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Change the look & feel of your chart empowered application with a few clicks!


Monday, July 11, 2022

TMS FNC Chart had a lot of customization options in terms of appearance and overall look & feel, and with a lot of property settings the result was achievable yet time consuming. In v2.0 we went the extra mile and bundled all your highly appreciated feedback into a very exciting new feature: "Global Appearance". "Global Appearance" is a feature that allows you to customize your component with only a few lines of code, or a few clicks at designtime. Changing the overall look & feel of the chart can now be done in a couple of seconds! Global appearance is a bundle of the following settings and customization options:

  • Monochrome color scheme
  • Excel color scheme
  • Custom/Extendable color list
  • Global font color, name & size
  • Various descendant class types for nicer finetuning

To find out more about "Global Appearance", I invite you to look at this video below.

Feedback is important!

The above result is based on feedback, your feedback. Sending us suggestions for new features, shortcomings & ideas to improve our products overall are always appreciated. We analyze the feedback and see what is feasible and in which time frame. Then we go ahead and assign a team of experienced developers to the task, which always results in the best possible implementation. Have some ideas? don't hesitate to contact us and/or leave a comment below.

Pieter Scheldeman


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