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TMS Subscription Manager v2.1 released


Tuesday, September 1, 2020

One tool, one place to help our customers having purchased product bundles find, install, update, get info about and renew the products, that is what TMS Subscription Manager is about.

This new version brings:
  • One click to see product version information
  • One click to go directly to your account on our website
  • See if older product versions are on your system and revert to older version when needed
  • Actualized direct links to our new support center or social media
  • Adapt folder where the downloads are kept
  • Actualized to our latest brand graphics
TMS Subscription Manager is of course a 100% native Delphi created Windows client and will automatically update to v2.1 thanks to our own TWebUpdate technology and uses several TMS VCL UI Pack components like our grid.

TMS Subscription Manager is designed to work with our product bundles: TMS ALL-ACCESS, TMS VCL Subscription, TMS Component Studio, TMS FNC Component Studio, TMS FMX Component Studio.

Want to checkout the latest status of your purchased product subscriptions on the go, we also have TMS Subscription Dashboard! This is a 100% TMS WEB Core created progressive web application that works fine in desktop and mobile browsers thanks to responsive design and can be installed as application also on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet thanks to the built-in PWA technology.

Bruno Fierens


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