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RAD Studio deployment issues due to anti-virus


Thursday, September 5, 2019

Deployment Issues

Just a quick heads up for everybody else that have deployment issues similar to the ones below. The underlying reason might be due to anti-virus that is interfering with the deployment process. The connection to the PAServer is successfull, but after copying a few files (visible in the deployment window), RAD Studio gives a connection error and stops deploying. Sometimes, the deployment is succesfull, but shows a "Unable to start GDB kernel" error. Running without debugging has a higher rate of success, but nevertheless, the process of deployment and starting the application is severely disturbed. In either case, running with or without debugging, I have been able to deploy and run 2 out of 30 tries. Below is a snippet of errors thrown while deploying, even though the connection is successfull 100% of the time.

[PAClient Error] Error: E0003 Connection to 'MacLarge' on port 64211 failed
[PAClient Error] Error: E0003 Please make sure that 'Platform Assistant Server' is running on the host machine and is configured to use port 64211
[DCC Error] E2597 dsymlink: Error: failed to set locale to ??2I?
[DCC Fatal Error] F2588 Linker error code: 1 ($00000001)


The solution for this issue is simple. Uninstall or disable the anti-virus, or install an anti-virus that does not interfere with this process. Alternatively, add the development project directory to the anti-virus exception list, in case you cannot uninstall or disable anti-virus. On our machine, there was a McAfee license pre-installed on a HP machine that was the culprit of the deployment issues. Leave a comment if you have/had the same issues and which solution you applied to fix the issue.

Pieter Scheldeman


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1. Thursday, September 5, 2019 at 11:17:45 AM

Hello, you could to exclude the PAServer process in the exceptions configuration of the antivirus.

Conde Cantero Manuel Alonso

2. Thursday, September 5, 2019 at 11:20:28 AM

The PAServer is actually installed on the Mac, it is the anti-virus that interferes with the deployment of files on the Windows machine, the machine where the IDE is installed. In this case, excluding paclient.exe could also be a valid solution. Thanks!

Pieter Scheldeman

3. Thursday, September 5, 2019 at 1:54:23 PM

Antivirus tools are always a reason for "strange" behavior during software development. Especially, when using incremental compilers, Antivirus is "triggered" as you make changes to an executable which is often the sign of a virus trying to make changes to a file.

As suggested, excluding the directory for virus checks that contains all development projects is often the solution.

Holger Flick

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