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TMS online videos presented at CodeRage XI


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

During CodeRage XI, the online event from Embarcadero, Bruno Fierens (founder TMS software and Embarcadero MVP), Wagner Landgraf (TMS Business product manager) & Roman Yankovsky (TMS FixInsight product manager and Embarcadero MVP) brought sessions covering our latest technologies FNC, myCloudData, Aurelius, FixInsight developed at TMS software.

If you missed one of these sessions, you can now watch them via our Youtube channel.

New video's published at tmssoftwareTV:
Cross Framework UI Controls - by Bruno Fierens: This session explains the differences between the VCL and FMX framework that are relevant for custom user interface control development. Given these differences, an abstraction layer, FNC is presented that enables creating custom user interface controls starting from a single source code base that can be used for both VCL, FMX (and LCL) applications. In the last part of the session, several complex FNC UI controls that are in the TMS FNC UI Pack product are demonstrated that can be used in VCL, FMX, LCL applications and target this way Windows, iOS, Android, macOS and Linux.

Metadata assisted automatic DB form generation for cloud data - by Bruno Fierens: The service offers easy to use structured cloud data storage. The foundation of the service is a REST API. For our Delphi users, we added several components to consume this service with an absolute minimum amount of effort. The TAdvmyCloudData component enables using object oriented programming techniques for using the service. With TAdvmyCloudDataDataSet and TAdvmyCloudDataDataConnection, controls can be bound directly to the data in the cloud, be it via DB-aware controls or livebindings. For the next level of automation: bound DB forms auto generated with the help of rich metadata, two components are available, TAdvmyCloudDataFormPanel and TAdvmyCloudDataFormBox.

TMS Aurelius Free Edition, an overview - by Wagner Landgraf: An overview of the well-regarded Aurelius ORM framework for Delphi, which now has a free edition for commercial use, available for Delphi 10.1 Berlin.

FixInsight: Finding Bugs with Static Code Analysis - by Roman Yankovsky: Roman Yankovsky shows you how to use FixInsight's static code analysis in Delphi to find bugs in your code before your customers do. Roman Yankovsky is an Embarcadero MVP and the author of FixInsight static analysis tool for Delphi.

Nancy Lescouhier


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