Support: how to help you best?


Sunday, July 11, 2010

For a long time, we offered our customers support via email and as of today, we still do. Several years ago, our customers requested a newsgroup as alternative for email support. So, we added a couple of years ago newsgroup support. More recently, our customers started requesting a web forum for support. And so we did. 2 months ago we finished the integration of a searchable web forum for support for our customers. It might be a subjective impression that the preference for newsgroup support is a bit on the decline. Is the preference for direct email support still as prevalent as it was years ago? Or is instant messenging the new wave? Or do you think it is crucial to be able to speak someone over the phone? Well, we want to know it so we can steer our efforts. Cast your vote here. Many thanks!

Bruno Fierens


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