Delphi 2010: 7 days and 5% later


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

From Wednesday last week, we started using Delphi 2010 full time here. Now, 7 days later with an IDE with hundreds and hundreds of our components installed, we're happy to report there is no way back. Delphi 2010 instantly became our preferred IDE. The improved debugger, the code formatter, IDE insight, more responsive editor provide an instant merit on existing projects. Best of all this does not come at a price, quite the contrary, more features, more capabilities, richer VCL and more responsive IDE at the same time.
We're also excited to see what is probably the quickest ramp-up of a new Delphi version in years. 7 days after we started making components available with Delphi 2010 support, we can see from our internal statistics that usage among our users is already at 5%. This is an amazing number compared to actual usage of other Delphi versions and also taking in account we're still busy adding support to our full product range for Delphi 2010. The progress of our team adding Delphi 2010 support can be tracked here.
Stay tuned, we hope we can very very soon report Delphi 2010 reached 10%! Go Delphi, go!

Bruno Fierens


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