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TMS FNC Maps for Delphi adds Google Routes API support


Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Start taking advantage of the new Google Routes API support in TMS FNC Maps now!

TMS Software Delphi  Components Next to existing support for Google DirectionsHere RoutingMicrosoft Azure DirectionsMicrosoft Bing DirectionsMapBox Directions, GeoApify, OpenRouteService and TomTom a new directions service was added to TMS FNC Maps for Delphi. 


The new TTMSFNCGoogleRoutes component is based on the Google Routes API and contains all features already available in TTMSFNCDirections which was based on the Google Directions API plus some exciting new possibilities. The same trustworthy route calculation and driving directions you have come to expect from the Google API services are available. Using the component works in exactly the same way as before. Based on a given start and end location, a route a is calculated and driving directions are returned as well. Several parameters can be configured to influence the route calculation: waypoints, avoid toll roads, specific routes for different travel modes, suggestions for alternative routes, etc.

Note: Make sure to enable the associated Google Routes API in the Google Developer Console, before using the TTMSFNCGoogleRoutes component with a Google API key.

Unique Features

TMS Software Delphi  Components

The new TTMSFNCGoogleRoutes component introduces several unique features not available in TMS FNC Maps before. Below is an overview of this new functionality.

Traffic aware polyline

Traffic data can be included in the route calculation. A list of locations along the route where slow traffic or traffic jams are expected are available. By using this data it is possible to display a route on the map consisting of multiple polylines that indicate traffic heavy parts along the route.

Traffic aware duration

The duration of a requested route is included by default, however it is now also possible to adapt the duration based on traffic data.

Custom departure time

It is now possible to provide a departure time when requesting a route. The calculation takes into account the provided departure time and returns an adjusted route polyline and/or route duration.

Fuel efficient route

Optionally, when the route calculation request includes alternative routes, one of the routes can be tagged as the most fuel efficient route.


A full featured demo with source code is included in TMS FNC Maps.

Available Now

The TMS FNC Maps for Delphi update is available now. You can download the latest version and start using the new features right away!

Getting started with TMS FNC Maps?

You're not on your own. Other than our online documentation and numerous samples, there is also a book dedicated to TMS FNC Maps for you written by our colleague Dr. Holger Flick

TMS Software Delphi  Components

Bart Holvoet


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