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FNC & VCL: The best of both worlds, part 7: Grids


Friday, November 24, 2023

TMS Software Delphi  Components


We already covered components that are capable of viewing & loading data in list or table views. At TMS, we also offer components for organizing data in a grid like structure. In both TMS VCL UI Pack and TMS FNC UI Pack we have grids with similarities across all platforms. 

TAdvStringGrid / TDBAdvGrid

We start this blog with TAdvStringGrid which is one of the first components that is part of the TMS VCL UI Pack.

TMS Software Delphi  Components

TAdvStringGrid is grown to one of the most versatile grids. While focused on Windows only, it meanwhile has a lot of features

  • Import & export in various industry standard file formats: XLS, CSV, ASCII, JSON, XML, PDF, HTML, RTF, ...
  • Wide range of inplace editor types
  • Reporting functions like grouping, sorting, filtering, column calculations
  • Various cell types: Checkbox, radiobutton, image, button, progress bar, ...
  • Built-in flexible printing
  • Extensive capabilities for controlling display in cells
  • Easy & fine control over editing & navigation
  • Many types of graphics supported
  • Clipboard, drag&drop and OLE drag & drop to exchange data
  • 3rd party support like spell checking, scripting, …

TMS Software Delphi  Components

TDBAdvGrid is the database aware version of TAdvStringGrid. Connect it to a dataset and start visualizing the data.

TMS Software Delphi  Components

TTMSFNCGrid / TTMSFNCGridDatabaseAdapter

TTMSFNCGrid is the cross-platform sibling of TAdvStringGrid . TTMSFNCGrid is available in TMS FNC UI Pack. Take your application to the next level with data visualization features such as filtering, sorting and grouping. Use the easy data binding functionality as well as the ability to export to PDF, HTML and XLS.

TMS Software Delphi  Components

  • Import Excel, CSV and data from a dataset and export to HTML, PDF and many more
  • Organize your data in multiple columns and rows with the ability to group, sort, move and hide columns and rows. Dynamically merge and split cells as well as add various methods to calculate and visualize data manipulations
  • Intuitive look & feel
  • Change every little detail via built-in appearance layouts and custom drawing events. Configure and apply cell layouts for different states

To connect the grid to a dataset, use TTMSFNCGridDatabaseAdapter, which is a non-visual component. The database adapter is designed to separately handle data coming from a dataset and doesn't require a different component like a DB-aware grid to be dropped on the form. 

TMS Software Delphi  Components

TAdvSpreadGrid & TTMSFNCSpreadGrid

These components respectively add a way to add excel-like grid calculations to your application. Below are some of the features

TMS Software Delphi  Components

  • Simple formula editing interface
  • Auto recalculation
  • Native XLS file import and export*
  • Single cell recalculation, full recalculation
  • Extensive range of mathematical functions
  • Save with formulas or formula results only
  • Single cell references in formulas
  • Cell range formulas
  • Formula precision for grid on cell basis
  • Display formulas or formula results
  • Date / time functions
  • Intelligent formula aware copy and paste
  • Can be extended with custom functions


VCL Grids
FNC Grids
  • Windows only
  • Office style support
  • Built-in HTML support
  • Feature-packed
  • Separate DB version
  • Cross-platform, cross-framework
  • Highly flexible & customizable
  • Built-in HTML support
  • Core performance
  • Optimized for mobile


The choice between these components ultimately depends on your specific development needs and target platforms. Each grid excels at enhancing the coding experience and improving productivity. For each solution, fully functional trial versions are included in TMS VCL UI Pack and TMS FNC UI Pack so you can test all benefits of these solutions without limitations!

Pieter Scheldeman


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