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Use a more extensive set of features in the Edge Web Browser on Windows in Delphi


Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Our web browser solution was already introduced in one of our previous updates.
We want to keep the TTMSFNCWebBrowser completely framework neutral, so you can just use the exact same code in multiple frameworks, without the need to check if some features are supported or not based on the operating system.

Therefore we derived a new control that exposes some of the more exclusive features of the WebView2 API on which our Edge Chromium web browser is based. This makes it feasible to implement some highly requested functionality in the web browser without disrupting the idea of the initial browser.

The Edge Chromium browser is used for the Windows platforms in VCL and FMX this is part of TMS FNC Core and the new additions are automatically implemented for TAdvWebBrowser in the TMS VCL UI Pack.


The TMSFNCEdgeWebBrowser has all of the same properties, events and methods as the TTMSFNCWebBrowser with some additional features. This list of features will keep on growing in the future depending on the demand and the availability in the API.

For now we've added the following:

  • Print a webpage or save it to a PDF
  • Retrieve and manipulate the cookies
  • Navigate with custom methods and POST data
  • Use a popup menu in your browser or manipulate the native context menu

These features will be shown in an upcoming video that was created by our Dr. Holger Flick.
(Until then you can find samples for all of these new features in the demo folder after installation.)

Print a webpage or save to PDF

Gjalt Vanhouwaert


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