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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

With the TWebUpdate component, TMS software provides the capability to let Delphi or C++Builder applications update themselves via the internet HTTP or FTP protocol or via a network share. The TWebUpdate can not only handle EXE files, DLL files that the application uses but also data files used by the application. TWebUpdate is a very flexible component that supports many different scenarios for updating applications, parts of applications, data of applications. As TWebUpdate is so versatile, manipulating the file that controls the whole update process, the .INF file, can be quite daunting. We have now fully redesigned our add-on tool, the TMS UpdateBuilder.
The new version of TMS UpdateBuilder not only focuses on making update control files easier and more intuitive but also to fully automate the process. With the new UpdateBuilder, once the update script is created, publishing an update for your application becomes a one-click action.
In this screenshot, you can see how creating the update can be done by simply drag & drop files from Explorer or pick files, add these to the list of files to be updated and specify the criteria for updating and download format:

When reopening the update project, UpdateBuilder will automatically refresh information like versions of files, file sizes etc.. from the files added in the list and is as such, ready to generate a new update control .INF file as well as download files.
Making the update available for all users of the application is then simply a matter of pressing the "Build project" button and UpdateBuilder creates the .INF file, compresses files when necessary and starts uploading the files to the server:

A step further is to integrate UpdateBuilder in your full build process. Therefore, UpdateBuilder can be used as a command line tool and we also provide a plugin to add UpdateBuilder to VSoft's fine build tool: FinalBuilder. In this screenshot, you can see the logging from UpdateBuilder from within FinalBuilder:

The new TMS UpdateBuilder is now in beta. The beta version can be downloaded from: It includes the plugin for FinalBuilder as well. Under the motto "eat your own dog food", TMS UpdateBuilder is self-updating through TWebUpdate via UpdateBuilder. So, when you use the beta version, you'll automatically receive updates.
The TMS team is looking forward to all your comments, feedback, feature requests concerning our new UpdateBuilder!

Bruno Fierens


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