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Back from the Delphi Tage


Sunday, June 07, 2009

Hamburg was this year the city inviting Delphi developers for 2 days packed with the latest news & sessions about our favourite programming environment Delphi. Daniel Wolf selected an awesome location to hold the event: a huge ship Cap San Diego.
Well over 200 Delphi developers came together to hear about and share Delphi experiences. David I and Jason Vokes from Embarcadero gave an overview of what's cooking in the CodeGear labs. Some of the most exciting things we heard:
  • First class support for Windows 7 multitouch is coming, mouse or finger gesture handling for any Windows operating system was shown.
  • Debugger enhancements are coming
  • A Delphi code formatter is being worked on
  • The team is working on support for Mac OSX and Linux !
  • The strategy of Embarcadero is "Delphi Everywhere"
To summarize with the words of David I: Embarcadero loves Delphi. The investment of Embarcadero in Delphi is huge. We sure live in interesting times!
Other than this brilliant news, I was able to enjoy the session of the always energetic Daniel Magin about Delphi 2009, the power users session of Jeroen Pluimers and the interesting and entertaining REST client session from top speaker Marco Cantu.
In short, hats of for the organisers of the "Delphi Tage" Daniel Wolf and Sabine Rothe and for the vibrant German Delphi community! Bis nächtes Jahr!

Bruno Fierens


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