Scripter Studio IDE with Office 2003 and Office 2007 themes


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The latest release of TMS Scripter Studio Pro allows you to define a theme for the IDE (Integrated Development Environment). This feature requires other TMS products, like TMS AdvMenus and TAdvOfficeTabSet. So, if you are a TMS Component Pack customer or if you have a TMS VCL Subscription, you can get benefit for this new feature. It's very easy to do so. First of all, change AScript.Inc file to have the THEMED_IDE directive defined:

AScript.Inc file:
Now, when using TIDEDialog component, you can assign a TAdvAppStyler component to its AppStyler property. This way you link the TIDEDialog with the AppStyler, and whenever you change the style of AppStyler, the whole IDE theme will be changed:
{Running the Scripter IDE with Office 2003 Blue theme}
IDEDialog1.AppStyler := AdvAppStyler1;
AdvAppstyler1.Style := tsOffice2003Blue;

Wagner R. Landgraf


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