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Syntax highlighting editor coming to TMS WEB Core 1.2 Padua


Tuesday, March 19, 2019

We have already covered many exciting things that are coming to TMS WEB Core v1.2 Padua such as support for 3D graphics or cross platform desktop applications with Electron, but there is still more to come!
We would like to introduce another addition to you, that we have created from the widely known and used open source Ace editor.

In the new TWebSyntaxMemo component we have exposed a lot of Ace's basic functionalities, like:
  • language/mode setting
  • theme setting
  • numerous editor settings related to gutter, text wrapping, tabs, etc... that are responsible for the look and behavior of the editor
We have also exposed and created editing calls (undo, redo, text replacement and removal, and more) that are accessible programmatically. To provide an easy use to the developers the TWebSyntaxMemo also has properties that you are already familiar and comfortable with (Text, Lines, SelStart...)!

Combining everything that has been mentioned above and what's already available in TMS WEB Core, instead of days of work, you can have your own code editor in a matter of an hour! With very little effort you can create a web application that is capable of loading a file, detecting the opened file's extension and changing the editor's mode on the fly to match the file's type. You can add support for drag and drop functionality through the exposed events too!

TWebSyntaxMemo is going to be available for regular web applications, PWA and Electron applications at the same time! A demo for Electron will be waiting for you in our next release, but if you can't wait to check out the TWebSyntaxMemo in action, then you can already take a look at our demo here.

Tunde Keller


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