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Full stack web app easier than ever: What's new in TMS XData 4.0 and TMS Sparkle 3.0


Thursday, November 01, 2018

During the TMS lab day week we have presented the unreleased prototype of a Web Application Generator from a TMS XData Server. . Well, we're glad to announce that a major release of TMS XData 4.0 - and TMS Sparkle 3.0 - have been released with lots of new features, including an initial version of the web app generator.

In summary, this is what's new for XData, Sparkle and Aurelius:

TMS XData 4.0
  • New XData Web App Generator wizard. This wizard creates a full TMS Web Core client app based on a responsive Bootstrap template. The generated application should be based on a XData server and will provide user-interface for listing XData server entities, including searching, ordering and pagination.
  • New Design-time support with new set of components for XData: TXDataServer and TXDataConnectionPool components.
  • New XData Service Operation wizard. Makes it very easy to create new service operations (server-side business logic).
TMS Sparkle 3.0
  • New Design-time support with new set of components for Sparkle: TSparkleGenericServer and TSparkleStaticServer components, and design-time middleware editor.
  • New Smooth support for handling multipart/form-data content with new TMultipartFormDataReader class.
TMS Aurelius 4.1
  • New TObjectManager.HasChanges method allows checking if an specific or all objects in manager have been modified.

As it's said: an image is worth a thousand words, and a video is even better. In the video below all the new features listed above are explained and can be seen in action. Hope you get excited with the new TMS Business features, because we do!

Wagner R. Landgraf


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