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v3.2.3 (October 29, 2018)

Version history

Version History



  • Fixed : Project window maximizing automatically in some situations.
  • Fixed : Null/NotNull checkbox was disabled for fields associated with logical domains.


  • Fixed : SQL Server ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN statement was not including constraint name for default values.


  • Fixed : Firebird behavior with domains: size, not null and constraint was not being retrieved from domain.


  • New : Support for Interbase 2017
  • Fixed : Firebird/Interbase connection was not working in some situations
  • Fixed : Error when importing MySQL 8 databases (Table 'mysql.proc' doesn't exist)


  • Fixed : Data Modeler version information in VCL Subscription Manager showing incorrect after automatic update.


  • Fixed : SQLite database import was wrongly considering SQLite "TEXT" datatype as a (char) blob. Now it's considered as regular string (VARCHAR).
  • Fixed : Importing SQLite tables with field names starting with number was raising error.


  • New : Database metadata objects available in customization script events.


  • Fixed : Connecting to MS SQL Server LocalDB was raising an error "SQL Server does not exist or access is denied"


  • Fixed : Exporting descriptions with single quotes to Aurelius classes was generating invalid Pascal code. The single quotes are now duplicated to form valid Pascal strings.


  • New : OnUnitGenerated event in TMS Aurelius Export customization script.
  • Improved : Table list in Mappings Tab of TMS Aurelius Export Dialog is now sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Improved : Added OID type for PostgreSQL databases.


  • New : Source code preview in Aurelius export.
  • New : Option to export TMS Aurelius classes to several different units.
  • New : Modern User Interface.
  • New : Model names in TMS Aurelius export.
  • New : Customization scripts in TMS Aurelius export.
  • Improved : Documentation has received a significant review.
  • Fixed : Checkboxes for defining specific default and check constraint were not being enabled correctly.
  • Fixed : "Access Violation" error when clicking Exit or double click menu button.


  • Fixed : SQL Server primary key constraint ignoring field order (asc/desc)


  • Improved : Register entities option checked by default (Aurelius Export)
  • Improved : Installers for trial and registered versions now signed to minimize Windows warnings and false antivirus alerts
  • Improved : AllButRemove is default option for association cascade type (Aurelius Export)
  • Fixed : Data Modeler not appearing as "installed" in TMS Subscription Manager


  • New : Firebird 3 support


  • Fixed : When generating Aurelius classes, constructor implementation is now calling inherited constructor


  • Improved : PostgreSQL support for data types JSON and JSONB


  • New : Option to explicitly define the type of the field/property when exporting model to Aurelius classes


  • New : Support for PostgresSQL


  • New : Zoom tab in ribbon makes it easier to define diagram zoom, zoom to 100% or zoom to fit all
  • New : Export to Aurelius allows defining cascade types for associations
  • New : Advanced connection options for ElevateDB databases
  • Improved : Trigger editor now expands to the whole window area making it easier to write trigger code
  • Fixed : Several errors reported by automatic error report (mostly Access Violations in some specific situations)


  • New : Diagram navigator allows overview of entire diagram and easy navigation/zooming using navigation cursor
  • Improved : Automatic selection of last used connection when importing database structure
  • Fixed : Timestamp fields correctly imported from Oracle databases
  • Fixed : Rare AV when generating Aurelius classes unit
  • Fixed : Oracle reverse engineering was retrieving wrong size for NVarchar2 fields
  • Fixed : MySQL reverse engineering was not correctly importing multi-column foreign keys
  • Fixed : Import SQLite tables with /*..*/ comments in DDL command
  • Fixed : ElevateDB reverse engineering was retriving foreign keys incorrectly when composed of more than one field


  • New : Support for ElevateDB Unicode Server (in addition to existing support to ANSI servers)
  • Improved : Support for Windows 8
  • Improved : ElevateDB server name configuration can accept both IP address and host name
  • Improved : Connection settings in NexusDB reverse engineering now displays available servers automatically
  • Fixed : Incorrect NexusDB reverse engineering when connecting to 3.10 and 3.11 databases using internal server


  • New : TMS Aurelius Export: option to define Sequence attribute for each entity class
  • New : Licensing tool which provides a much better, easier way to register Data Modeler
  • New : Find toolbar button makes easy to find a table in diagram by name
  • New : "Duplicate table" feature available in diagram toolbar button and popup menu in table list
  • Improved : Id properties exported to TMS Aurelius are now read-write instead of read-only.
  • Improved : Better error message when exporting to Aurelius source code fails due to file system error


  • New : Support for TGuid properties and Guid/Uuid generators in Aurelius export
  • New : Option to display relationship description/caption in diagram
  • Improved : SQLite reverse engineering sets a default size for varchar and decimal data types, when not specified
  • Improved : Firebird now differentiates unique indexes from unique constraints
  • Improved : Clearer message when updating Data Modeler to avoid confusion with Windows/Data Modeler restart
  • Improved : Better error message when trying to use unsupported versions of MySQL server
  • Improved : Better detection of Firebird/Interbase database server version
  • Fixed : Wrong Alter Table statement in Firebird databases (add non-nullable column)
  • Fixed : When adding new trigger, syntax was incorrect for Firebird database
  • Fixed : Uncommon error when importing Firebird databases (RDB$DESCRIPTION column unknown)
  • Fixed : Script viewer window now being presented correctly in multi-monitor desktops
  • Fixed : Multi-line descriptions now handled correctly when exporting to Aurelius classes
  • Fixed : Issues with SQLite reverse engineering (incorrect SQL parsing)
  • Fixed : Aurelius source generator now generates Int64 properties for database fields of type BIGINT and equivalents
  • Fixed : Aurelius exporting foreign key fields that were part of primary key was incorrect when the property name was being changed manually by the user
  • Fixed : All reproduceable automatic error reports up to release date
  • Fixed : Access Violation in Aurelius source code generator (automatic report)


  • New : Support for SQLite 3.7 databases
  • New : Option for specifying dynamic properties in class when exporting to TMS Aurelius
  • New : Aurelius export now has an option to singularize table names (convert plural table names into singular class names)
  • Improved : Project check now checks if fields in a relationship have the same size, besides being of same type
  • Improved : Hint for recent files in menu makes it easier to see full file name
  • Improved : Better saving of form position and state (maximized/minimized)
  • Fixed : Parent and child fields in relationship could have different data types in some cases (varchar with different sizes)
  • Fixed : MySQL drop index and drop foreign key statements had incorrect syntax
  • Fixed : Issue with ribbon menu when windows is set to use big-sized fonts
  • Fixed : Internal issue with having duplicated id's for objects
  • Fixed : Duplicated drop constraints in sql server when both default value and constraint default name were changed
  • Fixed : Double data types were being imported incorrectly in MySQL
  • Fixed : Automatic reports 0001187, 0001162, 0001238
  • Fixed : 0001084 [Comparer] Firebird-Merge Function-Stored Procedure-No input parameters generate a header with an integer type but no variable name
  • Fixed : 0001083 [Comparer] Firebird - Using Merge Function - Stored Procedure scripts Terminator missing
  • Fixed : 0000748 [SQL Script] Check creation order of objects in SQL Script (firebird)


  • New : Window to find a table in diagram using Ctrl+F
  • New : New diagram popup menu options "All Keys and Indexes" in diagram context menu
  • New : Import field descriptions from SQL Server
  • New : Export classes to TMS Aurelius framework
  • New : Diagram popup menu option to create relationship using selected table
  • New : Automatically selects a child field when creating a new relationship if same field name and type as parent
  • New : "Find in Diagram" popup menu option in table list makes it easy to find a table in the diagram
  • New : "Find field..." option to search for fields in field grid in table editor. Can also use Ctrl+Shift+F
  • Improved : Put close button on tabs
  • Improved : Deleting a field causes grid flickering and scrolling
  • Fixed : Dragging a table to a scrolled or zoomed diagram puts the table at wrong position


  • New : Script generation and comparison for object comments (Firebird)
  • New : Object comments imported from Firebird databases in reverse engineering
  • Fixed : Minor bug fixes


  • New : ElevateDB support added
  • Fixed : Various smaller improvements & fixes


  • New : Support for MS SQL Azure
  • New : Check version of database server before perform reverse engineering
  • Fixed : Window state not restored when main form is maximized


  • New : Persistence of size and position of windows
  • New : Option to set text colour on notes.
  • New : Option "Select all" in diagram context menu.
  • New : Option "Close all except this" in tabs context menu.
  • New : Keyboard shortcuts and context options on interface.
  • Improved : Resizing of controls in table editor.
  • Fixed : Use of NULL/NOT NULL constraints in SQL script for computed columns (SQL Server).
  • Fixed : Not null option in child field created automatically for a non-identifying relationship
  • Fixed : Issues with suggestion of fields in Child Table when creating a relationship.
  • Fixed : Issues with editing of domain fields.
  • Fixed : Issues with editing of check constraint fields.
  • Fixed : Issues in reverse engineering from MySQL databases.
  • Fixed : Issue importing UTF8 defined fields from Firebird databases.

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