Customer testimonials for TPlanner

P.S. My Boss is very happy with the Planner Components. Best purchase he's made this year he reckons.

— Andy via email
TMS's Planner components are excellent. I have one running against an Interbase backend with real-time appointment updating across LAN/WAN. My app manages multiple resources, day and week views, printing, conflicting appointments and a whole host of other stuff. I tried several before plumping for TMS's offering and am delighted with it.
I'd wholeheartedly recommend TMS components, buy the component pack and I promise you you won't regret it. (Keep it quiet but I honestly don't know how they make money at the prices they charge.. get in quick before they realise they're undercharging :-)

— Richard via Borland 3rd party tools newsgroup
Your TPlanner component is excellent and it made our application as one of the best schedulers.

— Joel Cuyos, USA
TPlanner really rocks! You are all rockstars!

— Niclas Astrom, Sweden
TMS Planner werkt flawless ! In het verleden heb ik met verschillende planbord componenten gewerkt en ik moet zeggen dat TMS ze allemaal overstijgt

— Hertwig van Zwietering, Nederland

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