TMS Silverlight - WPF Planner

Feature-rich Silverlight - WPF component for single/multi-resource scheduling Silverlight - WPF applications

Feature overview

The Silverlight - WPF Planner is a Silverlight - WPF control for implementing a broad range of planning and scheduling solutions. Whether a project requires the creation of a single-user Personal Information Management (PIM) application or time planning for multiple resources such as hotel rooms, rental cars and university courses, the Silverlight - WPF Planner provides an open, highly-configurable interface that will suit the project's needs. Because Silverlight - WPF Planner is browser-based, it is perfect for applications supporting users connected via an intranet or the Internet.

  • Multi-resource / multi-day or combined multi-resource/multi-day modes
  • Monthview mode
  • Full drag & drop support
  • Time-axis orientation can be horizontal or vertical
  • Recurrency support & built-in recurrency editor
  • WCF based data binding to server-side database
  • Configurable editing of events, via inplace editing, popup editing,...
  • Highly customizable appearance via Expression Blend or XAML code.
  • Optional completion display per resource
  • Optional linked events support with link indication and various link types
  • Compatible with Silverlight 2, Silverlight 3, Silverlight 4 and WPF 4.0
  • Support for Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010

The default appearance of the Silverlight - WPF Planner with multiple resources, group headers, completion, ...
Silverlight - WPF Planner with custom color settings, custom item style, multi-day mode, completion, overlapping events, ...
The horizontal appearance of the Silverlight - WPF Planner with multiple resources, custom color settings, custom item style, linked items, custom time-axis, ...
The month view appearance of the Silverlight - WPF MonthPlanner with default items, custom color settings, showing previous and next month days, ...

Multiple resources and multiple modes

Silverlight - WPF Planner supports dynamic viewing of multiple resources and scheduled items in a variety of modes. Items can be scheduled at any granularity of time within a day view. Broader pictures of allocated resources and appointments can be had via the day period, month, multi-month, timeline, and week views. All of these modes are available through a single Silverlight - WPF Planner control placed on a Silverlight - WPF form.
Silverlight - WPF Planner also includes a MonthPlanner control that displays events for an entire month in a fashion similar to a wall calendar.

Drag and Drop support

Users find it easy to interact with Silverlight - WPF Planner. If a person needs to move a scheduled appointment from one time slot to another, or even from one day to another, they can do so by clicking on the appointment and dragging it to the desired time slot. If the duration of an appointment needs to be changed, the user can resize the appointment use one of the two track bars located at the top and bottom of the event.

Flexible database support

Silverlight - WPF Planner is loosely coupled with its data and supports the retrieval and update of scheduling information located in existing databases via WCF.

Customization friendly

We've tried to make the appearance and behavior of the Silverlight - WPF Planner control as customizable as possible. For example, you can have the Planner invoke your own Silverlight - WPF forms when the user creates or edits an event (e.g., meeting, appointment).
You can also control the appearance of each and every event, decide on a per event basis whether or not they can overlap or be double-booked, whether they can be resized, moved, or deleted. You can decide whether the time axis is displayed on the left, right, top, bottom or repeated for every day/resource and specify the colors, interval, and format of the times. There are even more options available. Please try the demo version to see for yourself.

Possible applications

scheduling for medical and dental offices
Hotel reservations
Car rentals
Course scheduling
Resource allocation
Meeting room reservations
Process scheduling
Loading dock availability

What's new:


  • Fixed: issue with databinding in WPF Planner & MonthPlanner


  • New: ConfirmInsertText and ConfirmDeleteText properties to customize the insert and delete confirmation messages
  • New: AutoInsDel property to enable or disable the insert and delete confirmation dialogs
  • New: ScrollPositionHorizontal and ScrollPositionVertical properties to programmatically set the initial scroll position
  • New: PlannerItem.DBItem property to indicate if an Item was added programmatically or trough databinding
  • New: ClearDBItems and ClearNonDBItems to remove only DB items or only non DB items
  • New: Start editing a selected item by pressing the F2 or the Enter key
  • New: GetCellBackground event to customize the background color for each cell
  • New: CellClick and PlannerItem.CaptionClick events
  • Improved: Extended ItemInserted and ItemDeleted events with an Allow parameter
  • Fixed: issue with weekly recurring items
  • Fixed: issue with enabled delete key when an item is readonly
  • Fixed: issue with recurring items not displayed in DaysBeforeMonth and DaysAfterMonth of the MonthPlanner
  • Fixed: issue with displaying items when changing the MonthPlanner.StartMonth property at runtime


  • Fixed: Issue when using Silverlight Planner in Out Of Browser mode


  • New: Support for WPF 4.0 added
  • New: Support for Silverlight 4 added
  • New: Support for Visual Studio 2010 added


  • Fixed: Display issue when difference between StartTime and EndTime was longer than 24 days


  • Fixed: Issue with grouping when the Planner Mode is set to Horizontal
  • Fixed: Issue with scrolling when the Planner Mode is set to Horizontal


  • Fixed: Issue with programmatically changing a PlannerItem's text after it has been edited


  • New: HeaderDisplayFormat property: holds the format string for DateTime values that are displayed in the Header


  • Fixed: Issue with changing the CaptionBackgroundBrush property in MonthPlanner
  • Fixed: Issue in the Recurrency dialog conversion


  • Improved: Display of items spanning multiple days in Multiday mode
  • Improved: Selection on top of existing items in MonthPlanner
  • Fixed: Issue with the scrollbar in MultiDayResource and MultiResourceDay mode
  • Fixed: Issue with incorrect SelectedIndex value in MonthPlanner


  • New: Month view mode via the Silverlight MonthPlanner


  • Improved: Prevented setting the EndTime earlier than the StartTime
  • Fixed: Issue with using AutoEditOnCreate in DetailEdit mode


  • Improved: DateTime properties handling in xaml
  • Fixed: Issue with using Completion in combination with MultiDayResource mode


  • New: Method IllegallyOverlaps() exposed
  • Improved: Live updating on setting properties at runtime or in Blend
  • Fixed: Issue MultiDayRes mode


  • Fixed: Issue with using Planner with Silverlight 3 Navigation application template


  • First release


  • Improved: Item inserting.


  • Improved: Updating an item after moving, sizing or editing is faster.


  • Fixed: Issue when using the client Silverlight application in a different timezone then the server ASP.NET application.


  • BETA Release

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    Visual Studio .NET 2008, 2010


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