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Saturday, March 28, 2009

When I recently received a message about the release of the new product Text Lightning by Xequte software, I was intrigued. The mail read: "enables you to clear your overflowing Inbox faster than ever before". Now, if this isn't something for me, I don't know what else is interesting for me (except a Mercedes SLR at 1/10 of its list price)
I had always thought that there should be better ways to cope with emails with the same questions over and over again than using Outlook Notes to store frequently used answers or to put answers in hundreds of different signatures. With Text Lightning this is a thing of the past and we've new weapons to answer your emails faster than ever before and have more time left to work on our products.
Text Lightning integrates with Outlook and is basically a list of answers to frequently asked questions that you can quickly insert as reply into emails. Answers can contain fields or variables, can automatically insert attachments and what's more, Text Lightning can scan your email for keywords and based on these words guess the product the email question is about and filter the answer list. This screenshot shows how Text Lightning adds an extra pane to the Outlook email edit window:

For everyone spending much time answering emails and especially support staff, Text Lightning is a highly recommended tool. And what's more, Text Lightning is written in Delphi! Definitely well worth checking out.

Bruno Fierens


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