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Meet Deputy, the new IDE expert, part of RunTime ToolKit


Thursday, April 28, 2022

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Developing in Delphi sometime presents a frustrating work-flow, experts allow us to alter some behaviors and Deputy targets the one that I disagree with the most, prompt for overwrite. This post will focus on the developers daily tasks and introduce Deputy, a part of RunTime ToolKit, and explain integration of Marshal and Caddie.

Introducing Deputy

Deputy, an IDE expert, remediates orphaned processes to avoid the prompt for overwrite. By default the IDE does not check before running a compile, it runs a few seconds of precompile then prompts that it can not overwrite the target. This expert watches before that compile starts and clears out the old process before the compile starts.

See it in action:

Deputy is available in GetIt for Delphi 11, 10.4 and 10.3.
Deputy is available under GPLv3 @ or you may purchase a commercial license as part of RunTime ToolKit @

RunTime ToolKit integration

Deputy provides the ability to download and launch Caddie, as well as the Marshal demos for VCL and FMX. Future releases will integrate specific items from Caddie and Marshal to make the experience more seamless.

Marshal Highlights

Marshal, an instrumentation SDK, enables runtime inspection of VCL and FMX applications via inspectors that are assigned by class type. Marshal provides navigation of your applications forms, datamodules and components. Marshal is built with the FNC UI Pack. Explore how easy it is to inspect your application with Marshal. 

Explore your components with Object Plus, an integration of the FNC Object Inspector that captures the detail of your changes along with before and after screen shots.

TDatasets get an extended analysis by attaching an FNC Grid with an export to csv. FireDAC connections get the ability to run adhoc SQL.

Caddie is the offline analysis and organization component of RunTime ToolKit. Inspection generates a lot of data and Caddie gives you the ability to review a runtime session at a later date. Additional image analysis is executed as part of session collection to provide more visual clues on before and after images.


Deputy connects the circle of processes that RunTime ToolKit is tailored to provide for you as the developer. Making your tasks easier via inspection, data collection and analysis is the focus of RunTime ToolKit. Learn more here 

Request for Feedback

Your comments are essential for improving these tools and I am listening for feedback.  Please leave a comment below, contact me via email ( ) , open an issue on GitHub ( ), or reach out on Delphi Praxis.

Neil Laskowski 

Masiha Zemarai


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1. Thursday, April 28, 2022 at 6:40:55 PM

Two of the videos shown are the same. Is that an error?

Larsen Helge

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