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Summertime DIY project webinar!


Thursday, August 12, 2021

TMS Software Delphi  Components

"Learning while having fun", is what our upcoming webinar is about! In about one hour, you will learn how to build your very own navigation system for your summertime hikes, bicycle tours or old-timer car trips!

The webinar is planned for Aug 19, 15h00 UTC (17h00 CET)  and you can register here

A PWA DIY navigation system for your smartphone or tablet

The DIY navigation system will be built as a PWA (progressive web application) with TMS WEB Core. This means you write the code once and you can install the application on any modern iOS or Android mobile device from an URL. No app stores to get approval from, no delays with deploying updates, all is installed in seconds after open the URL. 

TMS Software Delphi  Components       TMS Software Delphi  Components

Giving the 1996 Mercedes SLK R170 Youngtimer a Tesla touch with the TMS DIY Navigation system Delphi project

During the webinar, we will build and explain the application step by step. You'll learn about using Google Maps, the Openroute directions REST API, access to your device geo-location + orientation and take advantage of the browser speech synthesis to give you directions by voice during the trip.

Get the entire project will full source code

Exclusively for all attendees of the webinar we offer at the end of the webinar the full source code. You will receive the source code via the TMS Web Academy during the webinar itself. Yes, we have meanwhile also introduced a couple of new features to the TMS Web Academy that will allow this file distribution live during the webinar!  
With the full source code, you can further fine-tune the DIY navigation system and add your own cool features to it.


The DIY navigation system uses only the TMS WEB Core framework latest version either for Delphi, Lazarus or TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code. You will be able to build the project even with the trial version. So, if you haven't tried TMS WEB Core yet, download and install it now in your preferred IDE!

Bruno Fierens


This blog post has received 2 comments.

1. Saturday, August 14, 2021 at 11:08:13 AM

Thid looks really good :)

What kind of algorithm do take to calculate path for each waypoints ? How hard is it hard to implement different algorithms that will calculate a path regarding some parameters ( fastest, shortest, mixed, most sinuous/curvy path... ).

Thanks for all nice libraries you are developing at TMS


2. Saturday, August 14, 2021 at 11:15:11 AM

In this DIY project, we use the free to calculate the route.
At this moment it can only specify types like car, bike, hike, ...

Bruno Fierens

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