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Qualicodex Software: new TMS consulting partner


Thursday, April 1, 2021

 TMS Software Delphi  Components

We are proud to announce a new collaboration with the team from Qualicodex Software in Brazil to assist users of Delphi in combination with TMS products. From today, Qualicodex Software is our consulting partner for Portuguese and English speaking software developers and software development companies.

Ivan Souza is a Software Engineer and a certified Delphi developer since the first version and professor of the Distributed Systems discipline at the West University of Santa Catarina, he started his career in the first versions of Object Pascal, even before Delphi and today he is always looking for updates on new technologies. He worked at Embarcadero Brasil as a Senior Consultant, is an active member of the Delphi community and coordinates the DelphiCodex channel on Youtube. He participated in several conferences and webinars, always providing high quality content to the community.

In addition to consulting with Delphi, Ivan also has knowledge and expertise in the technologies that are used by incredible tools, like Web, application servers, databases, distributed systems, IoT, etc.

He started his qualification in the tools of tmssoftware with TMS WEB Core, TMS XData and TMS Aurelius. At the moment he is developing an entire ecosystem where these tools are used together with the best in information processing environment (Linux, Desktop, Mobile, Databases, NoSQL, IA, etc ...)

This partnership is the beginning of a great friendship! Doing it with love, dedication and respect is the secret. Delphi is the key!

At the same time, we would like to take the opportunity to mention that we still wish to extend our consulting partner network, foremost in the Asia area, Australia, Canada, South Africa. If you are Delphi developer with TMS component expertise and offering consulting services, get in touch and we will be happy to discuss how we can move forward!

Masiha Zemarai


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