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Measuring 'The customer is always right'


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Listening to the needs of our customers was always a top priority during the last 17 years at TMS software. The daily communication with our customers has proven to be very fruitful for steering not only what capabilities and features are being added to existing components but also creation of entirely new components and products. As our customer base has grown through the years, the communication has grown too. It is not always easy to determine if some particular feature requests are highly anticipated by a large enough amount of customers or not. In many cases, it is obvious that some feature request makes a lot of sense and will help a lot of customers and then we don't hesitate to add it. In other cases, it's not so clear whether a particular feature would be welcomed by many users. Therefore, we thought it was time add another dimension to the process of deciding what to do.

We have released this week an extension to our website, a feature request voting system. On each component/product page the item "Feature requests" was added from where customers can add new feature requests or vote for existing feature requests. These feature requests will then be taken in account with our own internal development planning and roadmap.

We hope this will:

  • drive more customers to communicate about their needs
  • streamline the process to capture and list these feature requests
  • help us to further fine-tune setting the right priorities and doing resource allocation

There is a central point to see the newest votes, top votes or to add a vote. Alternatively, on each component/product page, a link is available from where the features requests relevant to the chosen component are shown or a new feature request can be added.

Page with list of top votes:

At this moment, feature request posting & voting is open to all customers and customers need to login on our website first for identification (you can optionally post a feature request that will be shown as anonymous though). We're eagerly looking forward to hear about your needs and work hard towards addressing what you need the most.

Bruno Fierens


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1. Friday, July 27, 2012 at 7:27:10 AM

The same problem is faced every day by many companies that design their own products trying to fit the needs of the majority of their customers.

I''m really not sure whether your customers are so collaborative so that you have many votes to consider but anyway I congratulate you for this idea!

G. Butler Ray

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