TMS IntraWeb iPhone Controls in action in blog of Bob Swart!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Today Bob Swart posted a new blog about the birth of a new iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad edition of his weblog. And of course we are proud to inform you that this iBlog was created with the TMS IntraWeb iPhone Controls!

Go to and see our iPhone controls in action. With the TMS IntraWeb iPhone Controls, you can add web applications like the blog application from Bob Swart to your iPhone, iPod, iPad and it behaves almost identically to a native installed iPhone application (of course without any need to go via the Apple Store approval) The TMS IntraWeb iPhone controls are not only using CSS (instead of images) to tune the GUI to the iOS controls look but also heavily rely on the IntraWeb async capabilities for responsive updates. You can download the trial version from our website:
If you have created a similar cool iPhone, iPod, iPad application with TMS IntraWeb iPhone Controls, we're eager to learn about it and share it here.

Nancy Lescouhier


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