Delphi 2011 and a poll


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

As you most likely know, Embarcadero is hard at work on the next version of Delphi (Roadmap). The main feature set for Delphi 2011 will be the capability to do cross platform development for Windows and Mac OS-X (with a preview for Linux). To align our efforts for future development best with your needs, we decided to do a poll on your expectations for Delphi 2011. At the same time, this introduces our new poll engine that we integrated in the website. This poll engine will allow us to regularly ask for your opinions in a well coordinated way. To vote and see the results, please login on our website.
So, for this first poll, we liked to hear about your interest and plans to do cross platform development with Delphi 2011. This will steer our plans to create components for the new cross platform component library that Embarcadero plans to offer. If you have no interest or plans for cross platform development, please cast your vote as well, as it is important we can correctly balance our resources for all future Windows VCL development efforts versus the new cross platform developments. Thanks for your feedback!

Bruno Fierens


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