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Easy Guide to Building a Pexels Gallery App with TMS WEB Core


Monday, April 22, 2024

Welcome to the recap of the 5-part video series, "How it Works with Holger - Building a Pexels Gallery App with TMS WEB Core." Throughout this series, we embarked on a journey to create a sleek and responsive image gallery using TMS WEB Core, along with integrating the powerful Pexels API.

TMS Software Delphi  Components

Let's delve into the highlights of each episode:

Episode 1: Design Foundations
We laid the groundwork by exploring the fundamental principles of web development, emphasizing the importance of CSS. A comprehensive introduction to flexbox, the new grid system, and the utilization of cards set the stage for a modern approach to styling.

Episode 2: Integration with Pexels API
In this episode, we seamlessly integrated the Pexels API into our project, enabling us to fetch curated images effortlessly. This integration opened doors to a vast array of high-quality images for our gallery

Episode 3: Adding Cool Features
Building upon our foundation, we added exciting features to enhance user experience. From dynamic search functionalities to interactive elements, we elevated our image gallery to new heights, making it engaging and user-friendly.

Episode 4: Making It Easy to Browse
Pagination became our focus as we aimed to optimize the browsing experience. By implementing pagination, users can navigate through the image gallery seamlessly, ensuring a smooth and efficient exploration of content.

Episode 5: Putting Our Image Gallery Online
The culmination of our efforts led to the exciting moment of deploying our image gallery online. Witnessing our creation come to life on the web was a gratifying experience, marking the completion of our project.

Bonus Episode: Mobile Design
Acknowledging the significance of mobile responsiveness, we dedicated a bonus episode to refining our design for mobile devices. Ensuring that our image gallery looks stunning across all screen sizes further enhances accessibility and user satisfaction.

Aaron Decramer


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