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Recap: How it Works With Holger - Build a Full Stack Web App from Scratch


Friday, March 8, 2024

TMS Software Delphi  Components

As we finish our 9-part video series, How it Works With Holger - Build a Full Stack Web App from Scratch, we want to say thank you for joining us on this learning adventure. Over the past three weeks, we've explored web development in detail, covering many topics to help you build a strong full-stack web application.

In the series, we started by creating a strong TMS XData back-end REST server, which forms the basis for smooth data communication. Then, we looked into SwaggerUI, seeing how it improves API documentation and understanding. Learning to make asynchronous calls to Google services added another useful skill, allowing you to interact with external services easily.

We kept exploring by using Object Pascal to manipulate the DOM in TMS WEB Core. Adding Bootstrap made our web application look good and work well on different devices. Plus, integrating the TMS FNC Maps component gave us dynamic mapping capabilities, opening up exciting possibilities.

One of the best parts of our journey was introducing the new TWebLeafletMaps, which offer a better and more immersive mapping experience. As we went through each episode, we hope you gained valuable insights and skills to improve your web development abilities.

Missed the video series or want to watch it again? Here's a summary of all nine episodes:

Episode 1: Project Overview: Front End and Back End Architecture

Episode 2: Using Google web services in an XData backend and routing in TMS FNC Maps

Episode 3: Inspect and test XData REST services with SwaggerUI, Postman and Fiddler

Episode 4: Adding functionality to the XData server template

Episode 5: Implementing an XData server method that relies on another web service

Episode 6: Build the TMS WEB Core web client from scratch

Episode 7: Connect the user interface of the web application to the data from the back-end

Episode 8: Create Dynamic Table with Formatted Text and Icons from XData Server

Episode 9: Build the TMS WEB Core web client from scratch

Until we meet again in our next project, happy coding!

Aaron Decramer


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1. Wednesday, March 13, 2024 at 5:56:01 PM

This series of videos is just great, congrats for the good content and hard work. In tms WebCore simple layouts are easy, using hrml templates is not very hard but also don''t work 100% in complex layout.

The main problem in webcore is that I was suposed to let delphi users to code in the rad way, but in order to do more complex layouts we need to use a lot of html, css and javascript.

For example designing a form with 3 web panels, one aligned to left, another to right and one in the midle aligned to client and beetwen each webpanel add a splitter, then inside the midle panel add a tabledbgrid or a jqxgrid, make that dbGrid aligned to client, at run time the grid do not align to client content, the splitter works as expected and the webpanels skrink and grow as needed but.... the tablegrid in the midle panel do not respect the client Alignment, using absolute, auto or percent for with porperty and the result is the same, the grid even get over the other panels.
Also is you try to scroll data in the grid you cannot scroll correctly. I could talk all day about bugs and problems like this one. It''s better to pick a web framework and learn javascript and css and html at least it works as expected.

The reason I''m writing this in this blog post is because in the support area only people with registered license of tms web core can submit bugs, I don''t have a tms webcore I''m planning to, but for now too many simples stuff don''t work as it should and it''s holding me back.

The dbgids are very very poor in functionalities, no good filters, poor speed, even using the jqxgrid don''t have all the possible filters like the execl filter type. If tms web core tool was created for delphi developer to continue to use the Rad way of building with delphi then it''s failing is goal.

Tms should listen more to what their costumers says, also lot of you components lack good UI design comcepts, for example the icons you use in most of your components are old , used in design from the 90''s. Look at DevExpress, Tms should contract a good Graphic or web designer.

PS: Please don''t take me wrong, You have done a good job so far and I find some of your tools really great and the Tms Team is great, that''s why I''m writing all of this stuff , because I care about your work and have TMS software in great consideration, but some great tools in the past died because of minors problems like this.



Morango Jose

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