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Fun comparison between Delphi and JavaScript


Monday, February 19, 2024

TMS Software Delphi  Components

The TMS WEB Core 10min challenge video brought some further interesting and fun discussions between Dr. Holger Flick and myself. It triggered the question how a Delphi developer would perform when compared against a JavaScript developer to create the exact same web solution via TMS WEB Core and via plain JavaScript. 

So, Dr. Holger Flick was challenged to find out how to create a web application with Google Maps and Bootstrap CSS from scratch with TMS WEB Core and then set to create the exact same application using plain JavaScript and HTML and with the added help of the AI Github Copilot added to Visual Studio Code. As there is sadly no Copilot solution in the Delphi IDE, this is assumed to give the JavaScript a productivity boost when used from the Visual Studio Code IDE.

So, I guess you are as curious as me to see the (fun) comparison Dr. Holger Flick made between developing a web app with the Delphi IDE and TMS WEB Core and developing the same app with Visual Studio Code and JavaScript + HTML.

I won't make any predictions nor results available here in this blog, you need to watch the video fully 😊

Let the fun comments come how you think about the Delphi productivity versus the JavaScript way of developing web applications! 

Bruno Fierens


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1. Wednesday, February 21, 2024 at 2:34:54 PM

Very cool to watch both sides - thanks! You also happen to be down the road from me (Rotonda West).

James Flejter

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