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An Excel report generated by TMS FlexCel for TMS FlexCel at Xamarin


Tuesday, July 09, 2013

With Xamarin targettng iOS, Android, Windows Phone mobile devices, they offer an online tool to perform an analysis for .NET assembly compatibiliy & readiness with the Xamarin tools. Having an interest to make our TMS Flexcel for .NET product ready for Xamarin, we did this analysis and one of the options is to save the analysis report as Excel file.
Guess what, behind the online analysis tool from Xamarin is our TMS Flexcel for .NET product that generates this report on the fly. So, when we got the report for the Xamarin analuysis of the TMS Flexcel assembly, the report was actually generated by TMS Flexcel itself. A nice coincidences we'd like to share.

Bruno Fierens


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